Dead Woman Lives!

Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? But God did something very dramatic in my life through Jesus Christ. Here’s the headline:

“Clueless Career Woman Becomes Damsel in Distress, Now Divinely Delivered and Living in the Divine.”

Clueless Career Woman – That was me. Clueless as can be. Fashioned my own god. Went my own way. It looked like a fairy tale ending — recommended for executive management, nice husband, nice car, nice house, nice life. I didn’t know I was spiritually dead.

Damsel in Distress – Suddenly stricken with multiple sclerosis (MS), an incurable disease of the central nervous system, my life became a whirlwind of tests and treatments, pulsating pain, disappointment, disability and despair. I gave up all hope, my condition so severe that the doctor in Boston advised that it was prudent to plan to be in a nursing home by 2003. I went back to church with a friend I met through MS. There, I met Jesus and was born from above, made alive to God through faith in Christ. I never thought He could help me with MS, though. Healing’s not for today, is it?

Divinely delivered – Along came a pastor who believed healing IS for today. He himself was healed by Jesus Christ. He pointed out Hebrews 13:8, which says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Could I find anything about  a time limit to Jesus’ miracles in that Scripture? I blushed, embarrassed that I’d limited God. The Lord opened my heart and mind, the Holy Spirit and the pastor taught me. I began to actually read the Bible, pray, and listen to worship music from morning til night. Jesus healed me in the middle of the night on September 2, 2001. My neurologist confirmed it when he thoroughly examined me the following spring, exclaiming, “This is God!”

Living in the Divine – Oh, my! I sought to be filled with the Holy Spirit, praying night and day for two months. God answered on November 1, 2001. “Heaven came down and glory filled my soul,” the old hymn says. I spoke in tongues, but interpreted what I had just spoken: “Father mine, Father mine!” I was totally changed in an instant. My heart was filled with God’s actual love, I was suddenly seeing the world through Jesus’ eyes, and the Word of God through the light of the Spirit. For the kingdom of God is . . . righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (see Romans 14:17, NASB). I entered the Kingdom. It’s abundant life, Christ’s life in me, by the Holy Spirit. That’s what He came for . . . that we may have life (zoe, the life of God), and have it abundantly (see John 10:10).

It’s all to glorify the Father and Christ Jesus!


Author: Susan Wynn, servant of Jesus Christ

Healed by Jesus Christ of MS in 2001, in the middle of the night! Proclaiming His gospel, His healing, His heart. Author of From Death To Life--A True Story of Healing, Hope and Being Set Free. Our ministry: My Father's Place, a ministry without walls, proclaiming Jesus Christ to the world.

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