Led by the Spirit

Romans 8:14 For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.
What does it mean to be “led by the Spirit?” Jesus said it was better for His disciples that He go so that He could send the Holy Spirit (see John 16:7). It sounds to me like Jesus thought it was essential for His disciples to have the Spirit. To be led by the Spirit is better than having Christ walk beside me? How can that be?

If I invite the Holy Spirit to be in control of my life, He will fill me with God’s love and God’s power. Rather than simply being physically beside the God the Son, His Spirit now indwells me. That means my own human nature that indwelt me is replaced by Christ’s nature, through the Holy Spirit. And that was much better for the disciples, as the Book of Acts bears witness. It is the same today, for me and you. When the Spirit comes in, all strife ceases, all pride ceases, all self-serving ceases. Self-giving, sacrificial love is manifested. What a wonderful gift from the Lord, poured out at Pentecost and poured out today! How today’s church would be changed if we would ask our Father for the Holy Spirit!

Jesus is no longer just “my model” for living. Rather, His nature has come in, by the Holy Spirit, to make an permanent inward change in my heart. Now I am able to be loyal to God just as a wife is loyal to her husband. Now I am able to love God with His love, and love the world with His love. The Holy Spirit has poured out agape in my heart, even to overflowing .  Now I am able to have intimate fellowship with the Father and the Son. That change of nature and fellowship leads to Christlikeness in me, more and more.

It’s all for His glory, so that by His very Spirit in me, people cannot deny the reality of Christ and their need for the salvation the Father has so graciously provided through Jesus. Some may run away when they see their sin in His light, but some will come to Him. This is God’s design for us. This is  the purpose of Christianity. It is not like the rest of the world’s religions. It is God coming to dwell in us and transform us into His likeness!

What about you? Are you led by the Spirit? Has your nature been changed to the nature of Christ? Are you intimately related to Christ? Are you like Him in this world? If not, you have missed it. But there is still time. Get on your face before Him now and ask Him to fill you with His nature, His love, His power, His Holy Spirit.


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