Winds of Doctrine

By Susan D. Wynn © 2004

1. The restless winds of doctrine blow
Across the barren land.
Take shelter in the Prince of Peace
Rest in the shadow of  His hand,
Rest in the shadow of His hand. (CHORUS)


Know the Word of God,
That you may know His will
Turn away from false teachers,
For with their words they kill,
For with their words they kill.

2. Soothing words for itching ears
Are carried on the breeze,
While saints consult the Word of God
And pray upon their knees.
And pray upon their knees.

3. Turn back, turn back to Jesus
And follow His commands
Stand fast upon the words of Him
Who holds eternity in His hands.
Who holds eternity in His hands.

The Spirit is stirring in me again, and I have to write. I’ve been trying as hard as I can to understand and empathize with and to commiserate and agree with what some of my fellow Christians (both leaders and lay people) believe. I listen to the teachings of popular Christian holiness leaders with big churches, even leaders of denominations, and I am stymied. On the one hand, they say, “Oh, yes, we must disciple and teach all Christians to be filled with the Holy Spirit.” That’s great! I’m applauding, jumping up and down for joy! But in the next breath, I hear, “Well, we really don’t want to use the word ‘sin’ when we’re talking with people who don’t know Jesus. It’s a turn-off, you know.” God is not double-minded, but these statements certainly are. We must speak of sin to Christians, so they understand their need to be purified, and why on earth does anyone need a Savior if there’s no sin to be saved from?

Jesus preached, “Repent and believe the gospel,” from the time His ministry began. Repent means we need to repent from something. There’s something wrong, or we wouldn’t need to repent. What’s wrong? We’re born sinners. Jesus is a Savior who came to save every human being that will come to Him. We all have rebelled against God and are under God’s wrath. We are born with rebellion in our blood. What are we saved from? We’re saved from the yawning jaws of hell. Satan wants plenty of company there at the end of things, you know. Now how do we tell people about God’s great salvation without using the word “sin?” Jesus said, “If your right eye causes you to sin (some Bible versions soften that to “stumble”), PLUCK IT OUT! Better to go one-eyed into heaven than have both eyes burn forever in a fiery furnace! We seem to be distancing ourselves farther and farther from Jesus Christ’s great gospel of salvation.

And He doesn’t just save us from the sins we’ve committed in the past. No, no. He’s here to transform us IN AN INSTANT by filling us with His Holy Spirit. There is a gradual growing up to the point where you realize how much you need to be purified, but then, as Todd Bentley loved to say, “BAM!” You see it, you agree with God, you cry out like Isaiah in the 6th chapter, and you are changed in a moment of time. Clean, clean, clean! But you may say that talking about a sudden transformation might make some folks feel like they don’t have something I have. Absolutely true! Maybe they won’t feel good about themselves. I pray so! If a Christian is still willfully disobeying God, I not only doubt their sanctification, but I also doubt their love for Jesus. Our Lord says in John 14:24, “He who does not love Me does not keep My words; and the word which you hear is not Mine, but the Father’s who sent Me.” In other words, if you love Me, you obey Me. If you do not love Me, you do not obey Me. Sinning Christians, Jesus says that His Father says you don’t love Him. But where is this teaching in the church today, even in churches that profess to believe we can be filled with the Spirit? Many old-time Pentecostals have lamented the sin-soaked, sloppy, media-savvy, sweet-talkin’ gospel that gets preached from the pulpits of America today. I’m not even an old-time Pentecostal, just saved and Spirit-filled after hating Jesus for the first 45 years of my life. And I’m just as appalled as the old-timers.

The winds of doctrine are restless, my friends. They tried to push me into a corner where I’d shut up and not speak out, where I’d “just get along.” Sorry. I can’t do it. The Holy Ghost says, “Never!” Turn back to Jesus! Don’t listen to false teachers whose words will kill you because they’ll make you feel good about sin. Stay on that broad path and you’ll be destroyed. The way Christ points to is narrow, not pleasant-looking. Few find it. Few. That’s because there’s so much garbage out there, blowing in the breeze, a downright insult to the true, powerful and freeing gospel of Jesus Christ.


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