[SW059] 09/09/12 message notes by Rev. Susan J. Wynn ©2012
“The King’s Personal Service”

I have a word from the Lord today that was a deeper revelation of truth to me.
Within that word, He commands me to sound the alarm,
as He shows me what is on the horizon.

We who know and love and obey Jesus Christ and our Father in heaven,
that is, the saints,
have an inheritance of which no eye has seen
nor any ear has heard
nor has it entered the heart of man to know (1 Corinthians 2:9)!

Daniel 1:5 The king appointed for them a daily ration from the  king’s choice food and from the wine which he drank, and appointed that they should be  educated three years, at the end of which they were to enter the king’s personal service.

The Lord gave that Scripture to Jeff and me
as we began the path toward pastoring.
It was a word from Him, saying,
“You will be sent out to serve as pastors in three years.”
Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened.
And we thanked the King of kings!

Now the Bible we were using was the NIV,
which just says “the king’s service.”
But in the NASB and in the original Hebrew,
it’s “the king’s PERSONAL service.”
The NIV missed it!
That phrase was a Holy Spirit speed bump just last week!
Time to dig!

Personal service! The Hebrew word is panim (6440).
It means “the face.”
Personal service is face-to-face.
Personal service means standing before the King
(for us, the King of kings)
and ministering to Him.

That means, dear believer who loves Christ and obeys Him,
dear saint,
that you, too, stand before Him

I remembered the Apostle Paul
who said he was “before the Father, before God.”

Ephesians 3:14   For this reason I  bow my knees before the Father,

Galatians 1:20 (Now in what I am writing to you,  I assure you  before God that I am not lying.)

1 Thessalonians. 3:9 For  what thanks can we render to God for you in return for all the joy with which we rejoice before our God on your account,

The Greek word for “before” is pros. It is from the side of, in local proximity to. Let that sink into your heart, saint of God, one who loves and obeys Jesus Christ! In local proximity to the King of kings! Beside Him! That’s where you are!

And I remembered what Paul said in Ephesians:

Ephesians 2:5-6 even when we were  dead  in our transgressions, made us alive together  with Christ ( by grace you have been saved),  6 and  raised us up with Him, and  seated us with Him in  the heavenly places in  Christ Jesus,  

And I said, “O Lord, we truly are ministering to You face-to-face,
and standing before You,
and we are seated with You in the heavenly places, before God!”

It’s true of all who love and obey Jesus Christ.
You stand before Him, face-to-face!
Your hearts have been made pure by Him,
our Refiner,
for only the pure in heart see God (Matthew 5:8)
and only those who have been purified
can give offerings to the Lord in righteousness.
(See Malachi 3:3.)

1 Peter 2:5, 9   5  you also, as living stones,  are being built up as a  spiritual house for a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.  9   But you are A CHOSEN RACE,  a royal PRIESTHOOD, A HOLY NATION, A PEOPLE FOR God’s OWN POSSESSION, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;

Personal service to the King of kings!
It is the mercy of God that brought us into a holy priesthood
where we offer ourselves as living sacrifices (Romans 12:1).
As co-heirs with Christ, we have His royal blood,
and so we are a royal priesthood!

Personal service to the King! Face-to-face!
It is full of wonder, but also sobering.
the entire purpose of our lives
is to minister to Him,
wherever we are,
all the time,
and He works the rest in us,
AND through us.

Ministering to Him defined:

It’s personal. Personal service.
Holy intimacy.
It’s not from a distance,
but up close and personal.
It is a place where we hear His voice clearly
because we are in such close proximity to Him.

His breath is upon us,
His glory is all around us. His glory is IN us!!!!
His presence is like a heavy but pleasant weight upon us,
And there is a holy hush.

It’s coming up higher
to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem,
and to myriads of angels, ten thousand times ten thousand
and to the spirits of the righteous
who have been made perfect before the Father.
It is standing before the throne of God,
upon a sea of glass
flashes of lightning, peals of thunder!
(see Hebrews 12:22ff and Revelation 4)

It’s a place of self-sacrifice,
where we’ve let go of what we are,
and let Him take over.
He becomes our Owner,
He becomes our Master,
He reigns!
It’s falling down before the throne
and casting our crowns before Jesus Christ.

Face-to-face, personal service to the King of kings
makes us fall down and worship,
just like when Solomon’s temple was dedicated (2 Chronicles 5:11-14),
just like when John saw Him in that vision (Revelation 1:17).

If you’re wondering what ministering to Him is all about,
it’s all about worshiping Him
giving away ourselves for His sake
and then watching Him minister through us,
His Holy Spirit filling us
So out of our bellies
Come rushing rivers of living water!

Who is in the King’s personal service, ministering to Him face-to-face? And who is not?

Go to Ezekiel 44:10-16.

The Levites who went astray from God
after the idols of the people
will be able to return to God
but they will not minister to Him as they previously did.

They will be ministers in His sanctuary
tending the gates of His house
tending to the people
preparing their sacrifices
and offering them to God.
No face-to-face,
no longer in the King’s personal service.

The Lord says in verse 13,

13 “And they shall  not come near to Me to serve as a priest to Me, nor come near to any of My holy things, to the things that are most holy; but they will  bear their shame and their abominations which they have committed.”

Who is in the King’s personal service, ministering to Him face-to-face?

The Levitical priests, the sons of Zadok,
who kept charge of His sanctuary while the people
and some of the Levitical priests
worshiped idols.

Ezekiel 44:15-16   “But the  Levitical priests, the sons of  Zadok, who  kept charge of My sanctuary when the sons of Israel  went astray from Me, shall come near to Me to minister to Me; and they shall stand before Me to offer Me the  fat and the blood,” declares the Lord GOD.  16 “They shall  enter My sanctuary; they shall come near to My  table to minister to Me and keep My charge.  

Before Him they would stand.
The Hebrew word is again panim.
Personal service, face-to-face.

Zadok, is actually from (6663) tsadaq.
These priests were descendants from Zadok,
high priest at the time of King David,
one who was faithful and wise in his counsel to David.

made right, in a moral sense (God’s morality)
just (that is, exercising God’s justice toward others)
and righteous.

They kept, watched, preserved and attended (8104)
God’s house
while the people rose up to sin.

The priests who stayed true to Him
and did not follow after false teaching
were the ones that He invited to come near,
to minister to Him
to sharath (8334)
to be His personal servants
His attendants.

And the priests who stayed true to Him
amidst all of the idolatry of the day
would stand before Him
in His very presence
offering Him the best of the best (i.e., the fat and the blood).

They had come to a place
where they had resisted to the point of
shedding blood, spiritually speaking (Hebrews 12:4).

They died so He could live in them!

They cared not about man’s opinion.
They didn’t try to please the people
but they were out to please God alone.
Those were the ones who draw near (7126) to Him,
who approach Him,
who are joined to Him (Ezekiel 43:19).

“(they) shall come near to Me to minister to Me; and they shall stand before Me . . . declares the Lord.”

He declares it. He says it. It is an utterance from Him.

And those who stayed true to Him
amidst all of the idolatry of the day
were the ones who entered in
who literally came in and went out
who stayed there, standing before Him
who attained that place of intimacy with God.

They came to His table
all spread out before them.
They dined with Him and Him with them (Revelation 3:20)
in a banquet of aged wine and choice food (Isaiah 25:6),
because they had tasted
and seen that the Lord was good (Psalm 34:8)!

They ministered to Him
and kept His charge.
They were watchmen
guarding the sanctuary,
allied with the God of gods, the King of kings,
the Lord of Lords.
They were in personal service to Him.

But the Levites who went far from the Lord?

Well, they went astray
because the people went astray.
They cared more about popularity with the people
than heart loyalty to the Lord.
The Lord would not let them near Him (Ezekiel 44:14).
They were watchmen for the physical house of God,
and tended to the people.
They were simply caretakers,
not serving the Lord face-to-face,
no longer tending to Him.


The great idolatry in the church today is humanism. That means, in terms of the gospel Jesus Christ died so you can lead a happy life and feel good about yourself and be successful. That’s humanism. It is contrary to the gospel but tickles the ears of its followers. Jesus Christ came to take our SIN on Himself and carry it away. He came to give us NEW HEARTS that are devoted to God. But that would mean something is wrong with us, and that would make us feel bad about ourselves. We can’t have that! So they preach their ear-tickling, self-centered and selfish message.

How about you? Here’s the test:
Are you serving the Lord face-to-face?
Has He brought you into an intimate,
face-to-face relationship with Him?
Are you in the King’s personal service?

For the saints,
the ones who love and obey the Father and the Son,
Take courage.
Your work of ministering to the Lord face-to-face
will be rewarded,
though most of the church
and certainly the world
will mock you.

But if you are a pastor or a Christian in the pews,
and you’ve caved under the pressure to conform to the world
and to those who take God’s Word lightly.

If you’ve followed the ways of the world
and you’ve participated in all of their idolatries
and have been a lover of your own pleasure
rather than a lover of God with God’s own love . . .

Repent! Break off from your idolatry, turn from it!
Stop trusting in man, whose has but a breath in his nostrils.
Of what account is he? (Isaiah 2:22, NIV)

Return to the Lord.
He will have mercy on you,
and to our God, for He will freely pardon (Isaiah 55:7).

The very good news of Jesus Christ
is what He now offers that He did not offer in Ezekiel’s day
but Ezekiel prophesied of it:

Ezekiel 36:25-28 “Then I will  sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean; I will cleanse you from all your  filthiness and from all your  idols.  26 “Moreover, I will give you a  new heart and put a new spirit within you; and I will remove the  heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.  27 “I will  put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will be careful to observe My ordinances.  28 “You will live in the land that I gave to your forefathers; so you will be  My people, and I will be your God.”

The very good news of Jesus Christ
is that He is the Giver of the New Heart.
Ask Him, and He’ll do it.
He’s the Purifier!
And unlike the Levites who went astray,
You will be invited back into
the King’s personal service.


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