[SW075] 01/03/2013 message notes by Rev. Susan J. Wynn ©2013
“Food Which Perishes”

The Father said to me, “An unhindered view of Me depends upon why you’re seeking Me.”

I began to seek the Lord in April 2001, after reading Tommy Tenney’s The God Chasers.

It was then that I sought Him not for healing (which I didn’t even know was possible at that time) but to know Him intimately. My journey began at THAT point.

THEN I saw His hand, and He healed me. That was five months after I sought to know Him intimately.

For my comments on John 6:22-36, which begin this message, please listen to the audio at

or the video at

After soaking in John 6 all week, I asked the Lord what He wanted me to say about the church today, for He’s called me to be a watchman for the church. He said these things:

I see many of My people (My church) running after Me,
but they are seeking food which perishes.

They do not seek Me to know Me intimately;
they seek Me for perishable material blessings.
They seek My hand,
and not My face, My presence.

They do not first seek My face (Matthew 6:33),
out of hunger to know Me intimately.
It is only then that they will see My hand.

They do not seek My presence,
the Bread of My presence,
the Bread of My face, (Exodus 25:30)
which is TRUE bread which gives eternal life.

They sense that if they get too close,
My holiness will reveal their hearts (Isaiah 6).

So just as with My people Israel,
they say, “Moses, you go!” (Deuteronomy 5:27).

But which of today’s church leaders in America
come into His presence
and come out with a true word from Him
like Moses?

Many of the leaders of My people
feed others food which perishes —
cotton candy
that melts away to nothing
in My fiery presence.

The leaders of My people
have fallen into the trap
of consumer mentality.
They sow the wind,
and will reap the whirlwind (Hosea 8:7).

They serve milk.
Therefore My people are not accustomed to the word of righteousness,
though by now, they ought to be teachers of it (Hebrews 5:13-14).

My Word is the food My people need.
My Word leads them to My face.

But at most,
they serve appetizers (“attractional” programs, good worship bands)
and dessert (the promises of God).
They do not serve the main course
which cuts to the heart of the matter — SIN!
Sin separates us from God (Isaiah 59:2).
If we are sinning, there is no intimacy with Him.

And He so desires to have holy intimacy, fellowship with His creatures! Oh, He weeps over you!

The leaders of My people do not apply the complete Word, the true, imperishable food My people need, which
–judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart
all who have ears to hear, who HEED it.

They preach Galatians 5:17, purposely omitting Galatians 5:24!

Galatians 5:17 For  the flesh  sets its desire against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh; for these are in opposition to one another, so that you may not do the things that you please.  

And everyone heaves a sigh of relief, because they just can’t seem to get victory over the sin in their lives.

But those who lead My people purposely omit:

Galatians 5:24 Now those who  belong to  Christ Jesus have  crucified the flesh with its passions and  desires.

That is a convicting word, and it is THE WORD. And through it, Jesus Christ sets people free, indeed! Free from sin!

The leaders of My people tickle ears (2 Timothy 4:3)
and fill pews
and pockets.

And so My people have no food that is for eternal life.
Just food that perishes.

And MY PEOPLE perish, for lack of intimate knowledge of Me (Hosea 4:6).

The Lord says, through Isaiah:

Isaiah 55:2 “Why do you  spend money for what is  not bread,
    And your wages for what does not satisfy?
    Listen carefully to Me, and  eat what is good,
    And delight yourself in abundance.”

These are commands: Listen carefully to Me! Eat what is good!

Listen carefully to the Lord,
and the ones who speak for Him.

They will serve you food that is good,
and you will be made soft and pliable (that’s what “delight” means),
which will lead you to spiritual abundance.
His abundant life in You! (John 10:10)

Seek Him while He may be found.
Call on Him while He is near.
This is a “limited time offer.”

Forsake your wicked ways
your unrighteous thoughts.
Turn to me; I will have compassion on you and freely pardon You!

Turn to Me!
I am right here!
Do a 180-degree about-face!

When you see My face,
You will surely believe.

But faith doesn’t work that way.
You must believe you can see it,
you must ask Me to give you faith
and you must act on that faith
before you can see My face.

I will gladly cleanse you.
I will fill you with MY fullness,
and you will never hunger and thirst again (John 6:35).

John 7:37   Now on  the last day, the great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “  If anyone is thirsty,  let him come to Me and drink. 38 “He who believes in Me,  as the Scripture said, ‘From  his innermost being will flow rivers of  living water.’” 39 But this He spoke of the Spirit, whom those who believed in Him were to receive; for  the Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet  glorified.

The Lord says, “I have been glorified — only believe!” (Mark 5:36, Luke 8:50)

The Lord asked me to close with this:

Jeremiah 4:1 “If you will return, O Israel,” declares the LORD, [and O Church]
    “Then you should return to Me.
    And if you will put away your detested things from My presence,
    And will not waver,
2 And you will swear, ‘As the LORD lives,’
     In truth, in justice and in righteousness;
    Then the  nations will bless themselves in Him,
    And  in Him they will glory.”

If you return, He will make you a blessing to the nations.
Many will come to Him.
It’s the Great commandment from the Lord —
make disciples of all nations!
We cannot if we do not return to Him.

The Lord says, “Do not be as Israel was!”

Jeremiah 4:22 “ For My people are foolish,
    They know Me not;
    They are stupid children
    And have no understanding.
    They are shrewd to  do evil,
    But to do good they do not know.”

Know Me! Seek My face, My presence, and not My hand, and I will freely give life to You!


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