Free, indeed! Free from that thing in us that makes us rebel against God, that wreaks havoc in our lives! Hallelujah! It is the free gift of God, through Christ Jesus our Lord!

[SW114] 11/3/2013 message notes by Rev. Susan J. Wynn ©2013
“No Longer Slaves”

The scripture: Romans 6

The context:

Rome, the cosmopolitan city

False teachers (Gnostics, etc.) saying, “Keep on sinning; grace will keep on increasing and God will keep on forgiving you.”

The truth:

Starts with Romans 5:20-21:

–The Law (the Ten Commandments) defines God’s moral standards.
It cannot be done in our natural goodness and strength and love.
When we tried and failed,
We saw that we were sinners.
Was that the end of the story?

–No! Thanks be to God, grace abounded! How?
He sent His Christ so we could become right on the inside
and have eternal life.
Sending His Christ
is the “grace (that) abounded even more.”

–Well, since grace is here, through Jesus Christ,
can we who believe into Him keep on sinning?
Won’t grace increase if we do?

–May it never be!
Haven’t we died to sin?

–Wait a minute.
Isn’t sin the things we do that are against God?
How can we die to an action, to a verb?

–To sin is to willfully disobey (rebel against) God.
If we sin, it is a symptom of a deeper issue —
the sin nature — the root cause of sin.
That’s the noun Paul refers to.
We are born with rebellious natures.

–But Paul says we can DIE to that sin nature.

If we die to it, we are set free, indeed (verse 7).

If we do not die to it, we are slaves to it (verse 6).

Slavery to sin defined:

In bondage to sin
subject to sin
mastered by sin
legal property of sin
forced to obey sin
controlled by sin
ruled by sin
under authority of sin

An aside:
Human enslavement by humans is evil, indeed.
But it is just a symptom of the deeper issue —
the sin nature.
Until that is dealt a death blow,
human enslavement by humans will continue.
The sin nature must die,
and the divine nature must come in to replace it.
The stony heart must be plucked out by the hand of God,
and be replaced by a nature that responds to Him.

How does that happen?

What I am about to say is different than the usual interpretation of Verses 3 and 4.
But I believe it is the truth.

“All of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus” —
what is it to be baptized into Christ Jesus?
Is it water, or is it fire?
John the Baptist says Jesus baptizes
with the Holy Spirit and fire.

It is when we are baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire,
that we are “baptized into His death.”
Our sin nature dies, and we are no longer slaves to it!

Jesus took our sin upon Himself and died once for all.
Spiritually, when we are baptized into the Holy Spirit,
the sin nature dies in us,
and the Holy Spirit gives us God’s nature.

Then He continues His work —
we work it out with Him, in fear and trembling,
for we know it is God who is at work in us.
But all willful disobedience,  all rebellion,
died when we were baptized by Jesus
with the Holy Spirit and fire!

No longer slaves to sin!!!!

No longer in bondage to the sin nature
subject to the sin nature
mastered by the sin nature
legal property of the sin nature
forced to obey the sin nature
controlled by the sin nature
ruled by the sin nature
under authority of the sin nature.
It is dead!

So will we believe that it can be done (verse 12)?

EITHER the sin nature reigns
and we are its slaves and not right on the inside,

OR we are alive from the dead (because the wages of sin is death),
and we are right on the inside,
and instruments of God!

Instruments of God — hepo (3696) —
busy about doing God’s works, His implement or tool,
especially, an offensive implement or tool, a weapon, armor.

We are weapons against the Enemy of our souls — Satan —
and doing damage to his kingdom
by bringing souls to Christ,
baptizing in water for repentance,
and the Holy Spirit to free them from slavery to sin!

Thanks be to God!
We were slaves of the sin nature in us,
we have become obedient FROM THE HEART —
our hearts have been changed! (verse 17)

We are freed from sin,
and slaves to righteousness (verse 18).
Didn’t I say we are “No Longer Slaves?”

Paul speaks in human terms, as a man (verse 19),
to help the church that is in Rome understand.
In being slaves to righteousness,
we are not slaves by the human definition!
We are doulous, bond-servants,
our debt paid,
serving out of love —
God’s actual love in our hearts!
When we are baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire,
when we present ourselves to God and cry, “Clean me up,”
Jesus does become our Master, our Lord,
and the result is sanctification.

What is sanctification?

Hagiasmos (38) — purification, the state of purity, holiness!
No longer slaves to sin!

Beloved, when you were slaves to sin,
you were NOT controlled by the Holy Spirit.

When you first came to believe into Jesus Christ,
He began to show you that you had something in you
that drove you to disobey God.
I speak from my own experience.
The outcome of those things is death (verse 21).

But when you are freed from sin,
when you are baptized into Jesus’ baptism,
the Holy Spirit and fire,
that slavery to sin goes,
and you are set free, your heart made pure and clean!
The outcome of that is eternal life,
starting here and now.

The wages of sin is death.
If you continue to let that sin nature live in you,
even though God has given you Jesus Christ,
the Way to escape its chains,
you are still rebelling against God.
Your payment? Death.

But the FREE GIFT of God
is eternal life,
starting here and now!
His eternal life in you,
His Spirit empowering,
Christ your loving Master,
the Father, Son and Spirit
ruling and reigning!

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