I had a vision of a woman handing a bottle to a man who was entirely dressed in black. He took it and hid it under his vest. Here is the interpretation: The woman was the true church. She gave living water to the man, but he took it in his hand and hid it.

Some in pulpits in America are like that man. They have been given the truth of the gospel that sets us free from slavery to sin. But they hide it. So they do not drink of the living water, and they keep others from drinking of it. They deprive themselves of holy intimacy with You, O God, and preach that we cannot help but continue to willfully disobey You. And in depriving themselves, they deprive those who listen to them.

Father, You are angry with the ones who suppress the truth. Jesus Christ carried our past sins on that cross, but He also died and rose on the third day and ascended to heaven to pour out the Holy Spirit, who sets us free from slavery to sin when He fills us with Himself! Father, In the name of Jesus, remove those who do such things, and replace them with true shepherds.

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