Boundless, measureless, infinite, eternal love!

O Father, I embraced You this morning, and You asked me to tell others what You have showed me about that embrace.

You are eternal, You are infinite, and there is no way that I can get my natural arms around You, to give You the embrace a child gives her natural father. How can I approach You and embrace You?

No one can come to You except through Your Son, Jesus Christ (John 14:6), And I came through Him, receiving all He did on the cross. Thank You, Father, for the gift of Your Son! He opened the door to life as You have it!

Then I asked You to fill me with Your Holy Spirit (Luke 11:13), and to my surprise (because I didn’t know Your promises yet), You poured out Your very own love in my heart, to overflowing! Because it is Your own love and not my natural love, it is infinite, eternal, and outside all natural measurements and boundaries, just as You are.

So I bring that love to You every day — Your boundless, measureless, infinite, eternal love! And with it, I am able to embrace You! Every day, I pour Your love back to You, and You pour it back to me in an endless exchange. Every day, I surround my infinite Father with His infinite love in an infinite embrace!

And also to my surprise, it became very easy to obey You and follow Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!


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