The God of More Than Enough
Jesus Christ multiplied the loaves and the fish to feed thousands. Today, I praise God and celebrate the fact that 14 years ago, on the evening of September 1 into the wee hours of September 2, I had an encounter with Jesus Christ in which He healed me of multiple sclerosis, an incurable disease. Glory to His name!
He had already reconciled me to God, back in 1998.
He had already instantly delivered me from drug addiction, in a moment in time, back in 1975, when I didn’t even know Him yet.
But He is the God of more than enough, so He put a hunger in me to know Him. That was all I wanted. I wasn’t even seeking healing. Just Him. But He is the God of more than enough, so He showed me He is my Healer.
Well, I wanted His power to proclaim this wonderful thing, so I began to pray to be filled with His Holy Spirit. And because He is the God of more than enough, He filled me, and He gave me much more than power to proclaim — He gave me Himself, and now He lives and rules and reigns in me, His love has filled my heart and I am a partaker of His divine nature.
I tell you, He is a Fountain inside of me, ever bubbling up and flowing from me to others! That’s right, to others!! You see, although I was the beneficiary of His more-than-enoughness, the purpose was so I would be His witness here. I am the proof He is who He says He is. I am the proof, glory to God, and I will forever shout from the rooftops what He has whispered in my ear. What did He whisper? “With Me, all things are possible!”


  1. Just to respond to yours: The first words that came to me this morning when I awakened were from Malachi, “Test me and see if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour out such a blessing that you will not have room to contain it!” This is how good God is! What blessing there is in living on God’s side!

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