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Reverend/Evangelist Susan J. Wynn ©2016

“In His Shadow”

These are difficult (fierce) times , just as Paul said in 2 Timothy 3:1. Are you afraid? Jesus Christ has the cure!

Fierce times! The same word was used of the demoniac who lived in the tombs in the Geresenes. Demonic times, more intense than any time in history.

NOTE: The Lord instructed me to preach without notes, so these are more brief than usual.

Text: Psalm 91

But He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High . . . receives His protection, deliverance, provision, and His peace in every circumstance.

The Hebrew word for “dwells” is used of marriage, it means settling down. You have settled down with Him, and so you are hidden from the Enemy of your soul.

“Sheltered” means to be secretly covered. In the Old Testament (OT) it is to be sheltered by Him, but since Jesus came and died and rose again, it is to be hidden with Christ in God (Colossians 3:3), and that is far better!

Shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty . . . you stay permanently in intimate contact with God. To be in someone’s shadow means you have to get close to them.

Closeness — but Jesus promises far more. Christ in you, the hope of glory. Christ’s glory in you, His Spirit in you, Him in you, the Father in you (John 14:23)! Not just close to Him, but Him in you!

I submit to you that the Lord wants to check your heart today, beloved. If He has your heart, you will have His promises. But if you sin against Him (willfully disobey), you cannot claim this scripture over your life.

I submit that if,you  feel distant from Him, you have sin in your life. For some it is be porn on the Internet, for some it is homosexuality, for some it is addiction, for some it is adultery, for some it is thievery.

You feel like you are in a desert, and that you barely make it from Sunday to Sunday, when you feel His presence as you worship with other believers, when you drink of the living water coming from their bellies.

You are afraid to confess it to Him because you think He will reject you. But He already knows what is in your heart. He, the Lord, searches your heart and examines what you think (Jeremiah 17:10).

Even though He knows what is in your heart, He reaches out to you today and says, “If you will just agree that it’s there, and turn from it, I will change your heart. I will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.”

The Lord wants to free you today — He wants to set you free from whatever enslaves you. Then you will stand unafraid, a witness of what God can do in a human heart. Others will ask you the reason for your hope (1Peter 3:15), and you will gently tell them what the Lord has done in you.

If you ask Him, He will purify your heart, give you power over sin, and set you free from slavery to it!

To receive the promises of Psalm 91, Verse 9 says you must be one who has made the Lord your dwelling place, just as Jeff and I have done. You have settled down with Him.

Those who set their love on the Lord (Verse 14) receive His deliverance. In the OT, It is a deliberate act of focusing on the Lord, loving Him alone, crowning Him with your love!

I submit that many Christians have other loves. Turn from them, set your love on the Lord. Jesus Christ commands you to ask Him to fill you with HIS love, and He will do it. And then He will deliver you from the Enemy.

You may say, “What about all the Christians that have been martyred? They were not delivered from evil.” But they are more than conquerors, even over death. For them, death has no victory, death has no sting (Romans 8:38, 1Corinthians 15:55)! And the persecution they endure makes believers’ faith stronger because they must depend upon the Lord entirely.

Beloved, you can’t claim His promises but not keep your promises to Him. And in your own strength, you can’t do it. But if you call on Him today, He will do it in you, and you will receive His protection, deliverance, provision and peace, even in these fierce times.

Author: Susan Wynn, servant of Jesus Christ

Healed by Jesus Christ of MS in 2001, in the middle of the night! Proclaiming His gospel, His healing, His heart. Author of From Death To Life--A True Story of Healing, Hope and Being Set Free. Our ministry: My Father's Place, a ministry without walls, proclaiming Jesus Christ to the world.

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  1. Before I begin this study, I Continue to SEE the studies you and God prepare as amazing teaching for TODAY. May I share some studies? Your studies. Like one of the earlier ones from Mark? Thank you, friend.

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