[SW237] 06/24/2016 message notes by

Reverend/Evangelist Susan J. Wynn ©2016

“Raging Nations”

The king of Assyria raged against the Lord and boasted in what he thought were his victories. It is the same with Satan — it’s his modus operandi.

Texts:  2Kings 19:22-28, Psalm 2

Assyria blasphemed against the Lord by casting doubt on His character:

— The Lord deceives you (19:10)

— The Lord cannot deliver you (19:11) because he Lord is powerless against us (19:12-13)

— The Lord is unreliable (18:22)

— The Lord sent us to go up against and destroy “this land” (18:25) (but they had authority to destroy only northern Israel)

What were God’s people to do?

v. 14  Humbly bow before the Lord and present their threats

v. 15 Praise Him because He alone is God

v. 16-17  Cry out for the living God to deliver, because the enemy has reproached Him

And because you pray to Him . . .

How did God answer the king of Assyria?

v. 22-23 Whom have you reproached and blasphemed, through your messenger? Against whom have you raised your voice and haughtily raised your eyes? Against the Holy One of Israel!

v. 23 Enemy, you say you have conquered everyone, but you are wrong — long ago I, the Lord, planned it. My people were weak against you because I, the Lord, made it so.

Why would the Lord do that to His people?  Because He knew Northern Israel would worship false gods and commit great atrocities in order to please them. Their exile to Assyria was because of their sin.

But to the enemy, He now says:

v. 27 — I know you, I know every move you make. And I know your raging against Me!

v. 28 — You rage against Me, you are arrogant . . .

Therefore, I, the Lord will put My hook in your nose (like you did with northern Israel when you marched them into exile), and My bridle in your lips (like you did with northern Israel when you marched them into exile).

And I will turn you back by the way you came!

v. 34 — I will defend Jerusalem to save them, for My own sake and for My servant David’s sake. A faithful remnant will come out of Jerusalem. My zeal will accomplish it.

v. 35 — Then the angel of the Lord went out and struck 185,000 Assyrians. When the remainder arose, they fled.

v. 36-37 — The king went back home. While he was worshiping Nisroch, his two sons killed him with a sword.

The nation and people of Assyria raged against the Lord. And His angel struck 185,000 in one fell swoop!

What chance does Satan have against us, if we are walking with the Lord as Hezekiah did? How much more, now that Jesus has come, when we are filled with His Spirit and gladly obey Him out of His love that He has planted in our hearts?

Psalm 2 —

Why do the nations rage against the Lord? All that is devised against the living God is vain. Many take their stand against the Lord, and gather together to plan the defeat of the Lord.

They do not want the Lord to be their King. They consider His rule to be fetters (chains) that keep them from doing what they want to do. So they will tear them off.

What does He who sits in heaven say?

— He laughs and scoffs at them.

— He will speak to them in His anger

— He will terrify them in His fury

What will terrify them?

— That He has already installed His King upon My holy mountain.

— That He has given His Son the nations and peoples and the ends of the earth as His Son’s inheritance.

That this Son shall break you with a rod of iron, and shatter you like pottery.

What is His recommendation to kings and leaders of the earth and all who blaspheme Him?

— Show discernment, take warning!

— Worship Me reverently, and I will receive you, and you will rejoice and yet tremble because of My awesome power.

— Kiss (prostrate yourself before and worship) My Son, Jesus Christ, or He will become angry and you will perish, for His wrath may soon burn against you.

How blessed are all those who take refuge in Him!

There are churchgoers and then there is the true church of Jesus Christ. There is much raging against the true church right now.

There are many who boast in so-called victories against the true church. But since before the world began, it was the Lord’s plan for these boasters to conquer for a short time, so His people would turn back and He would save them.

If you are disobeying Him, repent now.

If you are bent on disobeying and refuse, Satan will try to destroy you, and the Lord may very well let him.

And you will watch Him save those who do repent and cling to Him — a faithful remnant.

To those who cling to Him like Hezekiah, the Lord says do not tremble in these days, for He is Faithful and True.



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