Junior Leaves the Nest — A Traumatic Story

Junior Leaves the Nest — A Traumatic Story by Rev. Susan Wynn©2016

There was thick forest next to our home in Maine. One spring, we kept hearing a loud cheeping noise. Jeff looked, and saw a woodpecker chick poking its head out of a hollow place in a tree, just on the edge of the woods. That was the noisemaker! Junior was calling for food from his very busy mother and father!

As it grew closer for Junior’s time to fledge, his calls became louder and more insistent. And his parents continued to feed him. 

But one day, it was time for him to fledge. His parents sat on the limb of a tree adjacent to Junior. They had food. But they would not come to him! He squawked loudly, refusing to fly. By late afternoon, the sound of Junior’s calls became plaintive, almost as if he was whimpering. But his parents stood their ground on that tree limb, with his food easily visible to him. By the next morning, Junior had fledged, and was happily eating on his own.

I see that it is like that with believers sometimes. They are well fed by their pastors, read a lot of “how to” books, and they are very happy. But then it is time to fledge, to seek the bread of God’s Word on their own — just the Lord and the believer. And they are afraid to fly. But this is God’s promise, if you will fly, dear one —

Isaiah 40:31 Yet those who wait for the Lord
Will gain new strength;
They will mount up with wings like eagles,
They will run and not get tired,
They will walk and not become weary.

The word “wait” is very interesting, when you look at its meaning. It means to wrap yourself around, entwine yourself, bind yourself with. 🙂

Your Father has your food. Fly to Him!

Author: Susan Wynn, servant of Jesus Christ

Healed by Jesus Christ of MS in 2001, in the middle of the night! Proclaiming His gospel, His healing, His heart. Author of From Death To Life--A True Story of Healing, Hope and Being Set Free. Our ministry: My Father's Place, a ministry without walls, proclaiming Jesus Christ to the world.

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