[SW242] 07/29/2016 message notes by

Reverend/Evangelist Susan J. Wynn ©2016

“What Do You Want Me to Do for You?”

Text: Luke 18:35-43

Jesus Christ asks you today, “What do you want Me to do for you?” What will you ask Him to do for you? How will You respond when He does it?

I’m just going to take this one apart, a few verses at a time, to show you what the Lord showed me. I will speak of the blind man, Bartimaeus, in the first person, because I was just like him.

Verses 35-37 — Jesus was approaching Jericho. I am blind, and am sitting beside the road, begging. It is all I can do. I cannot work because I cannot see. I am hopeless and helpless. I am as low as I can go. (I have MS. I am hopeless and helpless, as low as I can go. My disease is paralyzing my whole body and turning my mind to mush.)

But then I hear a crowd going by.

So I ask, what is going on? And the crowd tells me Jesus of Nazareth is passing by!

Everyone is talking about His great miracles! I need Jesus to do a miracle, so I can see! I cannot let Him just pass me by. (Once Pastor Doc showed me Jesus, first in Tommy Tenney’s The God Chasers, and then in the gospels, I was stirred, I wanted to know Him that way. I began to see that He was able to heal me.)

Verse 38 — I can’t see Him to go to Him. How will He know I need Him?

I will cry out! Jesus, Son of David! Have mercy on me! Pity me!

(And so I cried out to Jesus, on the night of September 1, 2001, when all my faith was washed away in a wave of doubt, and all that was left was a tiny mustard seed and cried, Jesus, help me!)

Verse 39 — Naysayers sternly tell me to be quiet. They don’t think Jesus wants anything to do with me. They think He can’t help me.

But I can’t be quiet! I need Jesus! (When I cried out to Jesus after Pastor Doc’s vision, some Christians told me to go away from Pastor Doc, that he was trying to give me “false hope.” But I couldn’t be quiet! I wanted to know God the Father and God the Son, not just know about them. And Jesus was the only One who could help me!)

I will cry out all the more, Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me! I know what I am doing isn’t proper. It isn’t acceptable behavior. But I’m crying out! (And I did the same — I cried out all the more, even though it wasn’t proper according to the naysayers in my church.)

Verse 40a — What is it? I hear Jesus. It is His voice. He hears me! He’s saying, “Bring him to me.” (I hear Jesus, through Pastor Doc! He is going to bring me to Jesus! O Lord, Pastor Doc brought me to You! Have mercy on me, for I am a mess from MS!)

Verse 40b-41 — Jesus is questioning me. “What do you want Me to do for you?” I know He can see I am blind, said Bartimaeus. I had to be led to Him. (Jesus could see my tremors, my forearm crutches, my cervical collar, my eyes going blind, my myoclonus that is a precursor to paralysis.)

But He asks, so I will tell Him what I need Him to do for me.

Verse 41 — I want to see again! I once had my natural eyesight, but now I am blind!

(I want to know You, Lord! I once saw You, and knew about You, but then I went away from You in every way! I want to know You intimately. And Lord, I want to be healed of MS!)

(Pastor Doc says I need to tell You what I need you to do. Lord, close up the hole in my blood-brain barrier. Remove my immune system components (the Little Helpers who respond to the commands of MS) from my brain and put them back where they belong, so they can help me fight disease in the rest of my body. Then reconnect the nerve cells they chewed in two, and heal all of the lesions on those what are not yet eaten through. And that includes my brain, and spinal cord, and optic nerves. In Jesus’ name I pray.)

Verse 42 — Jesus says, “See again! Your faith has made  you well.” Glory to God! That’s a command — see again! When He says it, then it must happen! I believe Jesus can make me see again, and then He shows me that it is true!

(Sue, walk again! Lift up your head, with no tremors! Think clearly again! Have normal body functions again! Feel your paralyzed feet again! Walk without the myoclonus that means your legs are paralyzing.)

(Bend over without bouncing with the myoclonus that means your back muscles are paralyzing. Feel the knots in your shoulders and back release forever! See your arms that no longer spasm and flail around uncontrollably! Throw away your crutches! Throw away your cervical collar that you used when the tremors were so bad, it was like whiplash! Feel My life in you! Feel My power coursing through you!)

Verse 43 — What do you want Me to do for you? I would not have told Him if I didn’t believe that He heard me and that He was able to heal me. My quick answer showed that I had received a mustard seed of faith, because I believed the reports about Him!

Who has believed Our report, says the Lord, and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed? The one who has believed Your report, Lord! You reveal Your miracle-working power to those who believe the reports about You!

For some in the church, it is like Mark 6, when Jesus went to His “hometown.” The few that came, He healed. But many didn’t come, so they were not healed.

So what is my response? What do I do, when He has done what only He can do?

I do the same as Bartimaeus. He followed Him. He became His disciple. He obeyed Him. Bartimaeus did not say, “Thanks, Lord. See You around!” and go on about his life. He followed. Me, too, Lord! Me, too!

Following means this — I say, “What do YOU want me to do for YOU, Lord?” No conditions. Not, “If You will heal me, I will do thus and so.”

I’m the one out of ten lepers, who came back to fall at your feet and worship You (Luke 17:12ff)! I will thank You forever!

And Bartimaeus glorified God as he walked. He told what Jesus had done! He praised God the Father and God the Son! O Lord, be glorified even through my testimony of Your mercy and power and love! I will shout from the rooftops!

Then shall the eyes of the blind be opened, and the ears of the deaf unstopped. Then shall the lame leap like a deer, and the tongue of the mute shall sing for joy!

When? When I come to You, when I actively seek You, when I hold Your Word in my lap all day, when I surround myself with worship music, when I begin a conversation with You, for the first time in my life! And then I see Your arm, because I believe Your message!

And what if the church, what if the individual believer, drops the “ifs” that I hear? “If it is Your will . . .”

What if they say, “Do what only You can do, Lord!” He will surely do it. No “ifs.”

And surely, they will then will say, “What do YOU want me to do for YOU, Lord?” Amen.


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