[SW246] 09/02/2016 message notes by

Reverend/Evangelist Susan J. Wynn ©2016

“Ministering to the Lord”

[Please forgive the brevity of these notes. I am running a fever from the flu. The video will contain more detail.]

When we were in Maine, we were shepherds of a flock. But the Lord took us to Florida, where He taught us that the one thing necessary is ministering to Him, and out of that, all else flows!

The Lord began to show me this truth in Ezekiel 44:15-16. The priests descended from Zadok came near to THE LORD to minister to HIM. They stood before HIM.

They came near to HIS table to minister to HIM. They had remained pure, even when some of the Levites went astray into participation in idol worship (see Verse 10).

So what is it to minister to the Lord?

In Psalm 37:4, it is to delight yourself in the Lord, and that means to make yourself soft and pliable, and if you know you are not soft and pliable, to ask Him to make it so in you. Soft and pliable, able to be molded and shaped by the Potter! Ah, it is lovely! From image to image, and from glory to glory. How? By the Holy Spirit! (See 2Corinthians 3:18.) And out of that, all else flows!

In Isaiah 40:31, it is to wait on the Lord. But wait, the word “wait” is not what you think. It is to become entwined with the Lord, the idea of twisting together in view. It is like you interweave yourself with Him. And out of that, all else flows! Are you tired? Are you weary? Entwine yourself with the Lord, and you will exchange your strength for His! And out of that, all else flows!

In the New Testament, Mary shows us what it is to minister to the Lord. In Luke 10:09, we see Mary at His feet, learning from Him. The Lord loves it when we come and sit at His feet. It is a humble position. He thrives on our humility. So humble yourself before the Lord. That is what it is to minister to Him. And out of that, all else flows!

Again, Mary shows us in John 12:3, defying all social customs and mores, taking down her hair in public, humbling herself, and taking the most expensive thing she owned and pouring it out to Him as worship! Oh, Mary knew what it was to minister to the Lord! Her busy sister, Martha, rebuked her to the Lord, but the Lord corrected Martha. Mary was doing the one thing necessary (or needful, as John Wesley preached many times), and out of that ministry to the Lord, all else flowed!

I tell you, He will flow from you like rivers of living water, to everyone around you, if you will minister to Him first and foremost. You won’t have to wonder what to say, when you are meeting with someone who is hurting. He will give you a word, and you will speak it, and they will be blessed and encouraged, and sometimes corrected. It will be Him, flowing from you, and they will know that what you have spoken came from the Lord!

What will be the results, in your ministry (and all believers are ministers, beloved)?

— Exponential spiritual growth in you

— Always a word, in season and out of season

— You will consult Him for the word needed by your flock on a Sunday morning.

— He will give you His heart for them.

— The heavens will no longer be brass to you.

— You will correct without hesitation but with His very love flowing from you.

— Ministry will become a joy!!!!

— Living water will flow from you, and you will be light and salt that does not lose its savor!

There is a requirement for you, though, as I inferred when talking about the Levites that went astray into idol worship. They were no longer able to minister directly to the Lord, because of their sin. They were impure. Their hearts had gone after the idols that the people worshiped. The priests of Zadok had not gone astray. They had remained faithful, so they were able to minister directly to the Lord.

But today, if you have gone astray, I say to you that you may have something the wayward Levites did not have. There was no way for them to be made pure inwardly. But there is a way for your heart to be completely purified, so that you can be a pure vessel through whom the Lord flows, so that you can stand before the Lord, so that you can minister to Him directly! And out of that, all else will flow!

What is this way? Ask the Lord to fill you with His Holy Spirit. The church couldn’t do a thing until they obeyed and humbled themselves and waited to receive Him. And when they did, their hearts were purified (Acts 15:9), and all else flowed from their ministry to the Lord!

When their ministry became busy with the needs of widows, the apostles assigned not just anyone to attend to the widows, but men filled with the Holy Spirit and wisdom (Acts 6:3). And the apostles then had the time to minister to the Lord, in ministry of the Word and prayer. And out of that, all else flowed!

Do you see it? If you have gone astray, ask the Lord to fill you with His Spirit, and your heart will be made pure. Then you will eagerly want to minister to Him first and foremost, and all else will flow from your ministry to Him! Glory to God. Ask Him TODAY! Amen.


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