[SW249] 09/23/2016 message notes by

Reverend Susan J. Wynn ©2016

“Turning Things Around”

[These notes are brief. Please view the video of this message. The links are to the right of this post, on my blog.]

Texts: 2Chronicles 7:14, Isaiah 29:13-16

The Lord seeks a turn-around — but for whom? And why? He disciplines the ones He loves, beloved (Hebrews 12:6, Revelation 3:19).

The Lord says He sends locusts upon His sinning people. He shuts up the heavens so there is no rain. He sends pestilence (disease) among His people. But if His people TURN . . .

He says, if MY people, not the world that is in such chaos. If you, beloved, will humble yourself and pray and seek His face and . . . TURN from your wicked ways.

And true to His Word, He will hear you and forgive you and heal your land.

He will restore what the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25). He will bring rain, streams on your dry ground (Isaiah 44:3), He will pardon your sin and heal all your diseases (Psalm 103:3)!!

If you TURN away from your penchant for turning things around, He will do it!


In this day, with all that is going on in America, I want this land to be healed. But just as Israel must turn from rejecting her Messiah, Jesus Christ, the church also must turn!

Jesus says, and also I hear from your mouths:

— Give ME what I want! (But what does the Lord want? And what have you given Him?)

— Fix MY life the way I think MY life should be! (But how does HE want it to be?)

— You HAVE TO heal ME because Your Word says so! You HAVE to make ME rich because Your Word says so! You HAVE to make me happy because Your Word says so! (But are you humble and contrite? That is the kind of heart that He will not despise.)

Jesus says you do these things while you yet sin (willfully disobey Him). And you turn Him into your servant, with a small “s.” But who is the Master? Is it not Him (Matthew 25:21ff)?

You may say that the Old Testament called Him a Servant. But he served you once for all by taking upon Himself the punishment you deserved for your sin (Isaiah 53:5). Now you are HIS servant. You have been bought with a price and are not your own (1Corinthians 5:20)!

You may say, “Oh, there is no sin in the church.” But pastors.com reports that in a survey of 500 men at a retreat, 90% have viewed p-rnography. And Christianity Today reports that 37% of Christians struggle with p-rnography on a daily basis. Then there are the church’s power plays, politics, and fights. And there are the many things you do in the dark, thinking God cannot see.

In Isaiah 29:13-16, the Lord says, like Israel, the church turns things around.  You pay Me lip service and your hearts are far from Me. You do deeds in a dark place and say, “He will not see me.”

In doing so, you say that the Lord didn’t really make you — so He can’t discern and understand. He is not smart enough to figure out what you are doing.

Therefore, it is time to TURN. Come humbly before the Lord, and ask Him to forgive you. And He WILL heal this land.

One person said, with recent events, that even if everyone was filled with the Holy Spirit, it wouldn’t be enough to change things in this country. That person does not fully understand that when God comes in, the things that are not of Him go out!

You have HIS fruit inside of you. You have HIS holiness inside of you. You have HIS righteousness inside of you. I tell you, you have HIS love inside you!

Do you think you will commit crimes? Do you think you will remain trigger-happy? Do you think you will remain a racist? NO!!!! You will become a witness of Jesus. We get our word “martyr” from the Greek word for “witness” that is used by Jesus Christ in Acts 1:8. You will walk as HE walked in the world (1John 2:6 and 4:17)!

How will that happen? When you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you die so He can live in you (Galatians 2:20). You crucify the flesh with its lusts and desires (Galatians 5:24). I tell you, today is a good day for you to die to your self-centeredness, to the ME gospel, and come to the Christ who will set you FREE from the ME, because that is HIS gospel. Hallelujah!

But we do not believe He will do it. Do you believe He saved you? Then how can you not believe that He can purify your heart, clean you up on the inside? I tell you, He wants to do some house-cleaning in His church!

Believe! If He hadn’t done it in me, I could not even speak this word today. I can’t preach what I haven’t personally experienced. But He did, and I am His witness! I wanted ME out and HIM in! I humbly asked Him to do it, and He did!


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