[SW255] 11/04/2016 message notes by

Reverend Susan J. Wynn ©2016

“How I Was Filled”

[These notes are brief. There is so much more in the video of this message! The links are to the right of this post, on my blog.]

When I was filled, I knew NOTHING of what God would do inside of me. I just knew I had a need. And that is the “on ramp” to the Highway of Holiness!

Just before Jesus Christ healed me of MS in the middle of the night, I was given a book by my pastor, David “Doc” Uber. It was called Ever Increasing Faith, by Smith Wigglesworth. He gave it to me to encourage my faith for healing, but I happened to notice this Holy Spirit thing. I hadn’t been taught about it yet. But it was a seed.

After I was healed, I remembered that Holy Spirit thing, and that Smith had said that’s what the Holy Spirit gives you, when Jesus fills you with His Holy Spirit. He said the Holy Spirit was a “Him,” part of the Trinity of Father, Son and Spirit.

I didn’t know what all that meant. I just knew I needed power to be able to testify of how He healed me. So I began to pray, “Lord, I need to be filled with Your Spirit so I can have the power to testify about what You have done.”

I was on the “on ramp!” To what? To the Highway of holiness, on which only the holy walk. (See Isaiah 35, which I’ll get to shortly.)

So I prayed and prayed, for two months. At 2 p.m. on November 1, 2001, my Spirit-filled neighbor called me. Her small children were down for their nap, and that was when she did her devotions. She called me and said, “The Lord just said I should ask you if you want to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.” I responded, “Yes! I’ve been praying for two months! I’ll be right over!” I hung up the phone, told Jeff I was going to Jenny’s, and off I went.

We sat together in her sunroom. She opened her Bible and showed me that Jesus is the Baptizer. Did I understand? Yes. So she put her hands out, and I took her hands. She prayed, and SUDDENLY, I shook all over! She said, “Do you have anything in your mind that you want to say, even if it isn’t in English? I immediately said, “Fa yeeda may, Fa yeeda may.” And I knew I was saying, “Father mine, Father mine.” I knew nothing about tongues, nothing about anything the Lord had just done. But I knew I had received the power I needed to testify of Him!

After we had prayed and praised and rejoiced, I went back home. Jeff says that when I walked in the door, he saw that my whole countenance, my face, had changed. I glowed. He had never seen it before.

I looked around the living room, and everything was the same, and yet different. Something had changed. I didn’t understand what. I just knew I was seeing with a different set of eyes. Some of the things in my house suddenly were offensive to me. They had to go. No church police, just the Holy Spirit’s reaction to what was in my home. And He was in me, and He was now in charge! I was glad to clean all of that stuff out!

But I went out into the kitchen, and joy, joy, joy welled up in me, like I had never felt before! I did not know that the Trinity had entered me, just like Jesus promised in John 14:23. I was simply overwhelmed with joy, and began to laugh quietly. It was nothing like my normal laugh, which one friend describes this way: “It’s like you are going to explode when you laugh!” But it was gentle, and though I was able to stop, I really didn’t want to!

SUDDENLY, God’s Word was illuminated. The Holy Spirit had lit up what was needed to bring me to healing, but now — everything made sense! Smith said you really do not understand 1Corinthians 12, 13 and 14 until you are filled. I went there, and said, “Oh! Oh!” I understood.

SUDDENLY, I didn’t have to go somewhere to find God. He was in me, large and in charge! At one church, the Holy Spirit was portrayed as only a Guide. A skit was done, in which one man had a sheet over his head. The Holy Spirit grabbed his hand and led  him around. Oh, with all due respect, that’s not even close!!!  I’ll show you in a minute, In Isaiah 35!

So, SUDDENLY, I was changed. I didn’t understand all that He had done, but I knew I was different. I could feel Him in me, feel His power, and His holiness. No matter what I did, no matter what persecution I faced from others, I responded in a holy way. Not pious, not walking around moping, not robes, not Bible reading, not church attendance. Let me give you the definition He gave me.

To be holy means to be filled with God’s nature, God’s character. It is to be filled with the fruit of the Spirit — God’s love, God’s joy, God’s peace, God’s patience, God’s kindness, God’s goodness, God’s faith, God’s gentleness, and the Holy Spirit’s control. It is to walk in holiness, and dare I say it? Walking holy is easy when you have His nature and character in you!

Will you be tempted? Yes, even Jesus was tempted. Will you be perplexed? Certainly, Paul was. Will you be persecuted? You bet. But in the midst, you will walk like Jesus in this world (1John 2:6). When He abides in you, when He remains in you, when the Father and He made their abode in you like He promised in John 14:23, it is easy to walk holy.

So, you may say, “That’s nice for you, but I don’t need it.” Well, “it” is a HE, per Jesus in John 14, starting in Verse 16, and in many other places. And HE is a requirement by Jesus Christ. A command! An order! Stay in the city (Luke 24:49)! Wait for the promise of the Father (Acts 1:4)! Orders from the Lord Jesus Christ to His church, which could not even BE, unless these orders were believed and followed. Beloved the church is in a mess because she does not see her need!

Those that waited had an experience like me! They were indeed filled, each one having their own personal Pentecost. They were SUDDENLY changed, suddenly no longer afraid of the Jews but openly preaching Jesus and rebuking the Jewish leaders who had killed Him. Wow! That’s power! That’s boldness! That’s love, because it was to prick their hearts so they would repent. And thousands did, on the day of Pentecost, and billions, since that day. But only when we are filled  will people repent, for they will see Him in us!

So I have promised Isaiah 35. Here it is, Verses 5-10.

Then the eyes of the blind will be opened. When? Look back at Verse 4, “your God will come . . .” When will your eyes be opened? When He visits you, personally. My blind eyes which could not see Him nor understand His Word were SUDDENLY opened, when He filled me with His Spirit.

When He visited me, my ears were opened to Him 24/7! It was no longer just an occasional whisper in the ear. I supped with Him and Him with me continually (Revelation 3:20). That’s intimacy, holy intimacy!

When He visited me, I was able to walk right. I was no longer spiritually lame, never able to travel too far without falling. Suddenly, I leaped like a deer. It was effortless. Have you ever watched a deer? They almost float! Yes!!!

When He visited me, I was filled with joy! I never had such joy, and I had to laugh gently and even shout!

When He visited me, living waters began to flow from me. I was no longer in the Arabah, no longer in the wilderness. No longer could jackals (a symbol of the demonic) rest in me. I was no longer under Satan’s thumb. And these springs NEVER run dry! They are fountains! They are perpetual! And you are not a broken cisterns that leaks (Jeremiah 2:13). That is for those who forsake the Lord. You are fully, suddenly, competely His!

Oh, when I saw my need, that was the “on ramp” to the Highway of Holiness! Imagine an interstate, with a big green sign saying, “Highway of Holiness, next right.” If you see your need, even if you don’t completely understand what He will do (like me), take that right!!!

It is the Highway OF Holiness, beloved. Holiness is not a process where you can get on a Highway TO Holiness. The unclean, those who still struggle with sin, cannot walk on the Highway OF Holiness.

Only those who walk holy can walk there. It is impossible to walk holy unless His Holy Spirit has filled you with His nature and character. Then He cleans you up, on the inside.

Then you are the witnesses that Jesus says you will be. When? As the Holy Spirit now exhorts you, when you wait to be filled with Him People will take note that you have been with Jesus. They will be drawn by the Father, because they see Him in you. They will be saved, and not long after, they will see their need, and they will be filled!

Well . . .  of course, Satan does not want you to believe it. He has much of the church convinced that it is not possible to be completely holy. That would make the church effective. Satan’s greatest fear is a Spirit-filled church. Then He and His demons are down for the count.

Paul quotes the Lord, “All day long I have stretched forth my hands to a disobedient and obstinate people,” (Romans 10:21, Isaiah 65:2, and elsewhere).

Don’t listen to Satan, or to a church that does not believe God’s promise. Believe God!

To be filled with the Holy Spirit is not optional. Again, it is Jesus Christ’s command. Stay! Wait! Be perfect (Matthew 5:45). Be holy (1Peter 1:15)! Be holy and blameless (Ephesians 5:27). Be baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire (Luke 3:16)!

Pray now, if you see  your need. He will certainly answer, and you will become an effective witness of Jesus Christ, exuding His marvelous light!


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