[SW262] 12/23/2016 message notes by
Reverend Susan J. Wynn ©2016

“Unfailing Fruit”

[These notes are brief. There is so much more in the video of this message! The links are to the right of this post, on my blog.]

The Father will rejoice and laugh for joy and sing for joy and spin around when He finds a fruit-bearer who will bear His unfailing fruit!

Texts: John 15, Ezekiel 47

When the Father sees you humble yourself before Him and stay and wait, when He sees you obey His Son’s command to do so, He says, “Ah! Another fruit-bearer!” And He rejoices and laughs for joy and sings for joy and spins around, just as I spoke last week from Zephaniah 3:17!

You will walk as Jesus walked (1John 2:6)! You will not speak on your own initiative, but as the Father commands you (John 12:49)! You will only do what you see your Father doing (John 5:19), because Jesus Christ and your Father will dwell in you fully!

You will be seated with Him in heavenly places in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:6), positioned to walk in the works God has prepared in advance for you (Ephesians 2:10), a light to those who do not know Him, and kings will come to the radiance of your shining (Isaiah 60:3). You will announce the truth, the Good News of the Gospel, set captives free, and warn of the coming judgment (Isaiah 61:1-2).

In John 15:16, Jesus says, “You did not choose me but I chose you, and appointed (planted) you.” You do not make a decision for Christ, beloved. He chooses you, and then you may either reject or accept it. What did He choose you for?  “To go,” and “To bear (bring forth) fruit,” to have fruit come from within you, His fruit (Galatians 5:23-24). And that “your fruit would remain (stay in a state).”

So your fruit will not fail, you will bear no matter what the season, your fruit will not dry up, it will not rot. It comes from within you, and it is His fruit, and He never fails! As Ezekiel 47:12 says, you will be like a tree planted along a river of living water. Your leaves will not wither, your fruit will not fail. You will bear regardless of the season. Your fruit will be spiritual food and your leaves (hands) will be for healing.

It is the fruit of the Spirit (His love, which He speaks of in John 15:12). It is a command to love with His love, and no one is born with His love in them. He must fill you with it, and He will, when you confess that you do not have it, and ask Him to fill you with it!

What will be the most important and earth-shaking result of your bringing forth fruit that remains, that never fails? “That your fruit would remain SO THAT whatever you ask in My name, He may give you.” There’s no “may” in the original Greek. He will. Whatever you ask.

But you must ask in Jesus’ name. That is not simply saying, “in Jesus’ name,” beloved. To ask in His name is to be one who possesses His character, who is a partaker of His divine nature. Then you will ask according to the Father’s will.

Beloved, I both believe and know that we miss it when we look at material blessings and speak of how good God is. I am praying for the church to get her eyes off herself and her material needs and obey Jesus, Who commands her to be filled with His Spirit. Then her eyes will be focused on the same thing as Him. And she will have a front-row seat to watch Him work. Now THAT is a blessing!

Oh, my! Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. There is no need for you to ask for them. He already knows what you need.

But He wants you to confess that you do not have His righteousness and have been depending on your own. He wants you to confess that you do not have His fruit, and what you produce in the natural does not last. He wants you to confess that you have been focused on material blessings.

He commands that you ask Him to change your heart (which happens when you stay and wait) so you say, “Not my will, but Thine be done!” “I have come to do your will, O God; Your law is written in my heart!”

It is not too late to stay and wait! While it is still Today, go to your Father in heaven and ask Him to give you what you lack (Luke 11:13). He will rejoice that you have humbled yourself before Him, and will certainly fill you with Himself!

Then and only then, when you ask, you will have Christ’s character in you, and the Father will gladly give you what you ask for. It is your gift to Him, and He will give you the gift of that front-row seat to watch Him work the works He has prepared in advance for you to walk in.


Author: Susan Wynn, servant of Jesus Christ

Healed by Jesus Christ of MS in 2001, in the middle of the night! Proclaiming His gospel, His healing, His heart. Author of From Death To Life--A True Story of Healing, Hope and Being Set Free. Our ministry: My Father's Place, a ministry without walls, proclaiming Jesus Christ to the world.

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