[SW279] 04/21/2017 message notes by

Pastor Susan J. Wynn ©2017

“Jesus, the Fountain”

Text: John 4:7-15, John 7:37-39, Isaiah 12:2-3

Jesus Christ is the Fountain of living water that never ceases to flow! And wait until you see the effect of His living water!

A summary of the first six verses — Jesus returns from Jerusalem to Galilee, a 70-mile trip. On the way, has to pass through Samaria, which is 30 miles from Jerusalem. He comes to a city called Sychar, near the place where Jacob gave Joseph some land (Genesis 33:9). Jacob’s well was there . . . Jesus sat by it, wearied from His journey.

The Fountain —

In Verse 7, as he sits, a woman comes. She is a Samaritan, worshiping other gods as well as the God of Israel, believing only in the first five books of the Old Testament.

He says, “Give me a drink.” He does what He sees the Father doing, and says what He hears the Father saying (John 5:19, 12:49). His disciples would normally get water from the well for Him, but they have gone into the city for food (see Verse 8). Notice that He does not condemn her, though He knows she is an adulteress and a fornicator. He does not accuse her. He wants to heal her of her sin.

The Lord has asked me to focus on Verses 10 and 14. If you knew the gift of God! O woman about whom I know everything, says the Lord, if you knew Me as the Gift, the One who was given by My Father as an act of love, so whoever believes in Me will not perish but have everlasting life! He knows everything about you, too, and He offers you living water today!

But she does not know Him yet. She does not know that Jesus Christ is the Fountain, the Source from whom living water flows. She does not know that this water is not like the water from Jacob’s well. The water Jesus offers this woman (and us) is spiritual water that yields eternal life. And it is water that will flow from our bellies, when we are filled with His Spirit. He speaks to her in spiritual words, even though He knows she cannot understand. He is planting seed. It will soon spring up and bear fruit!

How do I know He is the Source? In John 7:37-39, Jesus cries out, announcing that He is the Source. It is during the Feast of Booths, on the last day, when the priests go to the pool to get water (for there is none in the Temple), and pour it out at the altar, repeating Isaiah 12. And in Isaiah 12:3, we find that we will joyously draw water from the springs (Fountain, in Hebrew) of salvation (Yeshua, which is the Hebrew name of Jesus). He is the Source! Oh, give thanks to the Lord, call on His name, make known His deeds among the people — when you are filled with His living water, you will be His witnesses locally and even to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8)!

Back to John 7:37-39 . . . If anyone is thirsty, let Him come to Me and drink . . . from his innermost being (his belly, in the Hebrew) will flow rivers (rushing, flood-stage) of living water! And He spoke of the Spirit, whom those who believed in Him would receive, but the Spirit was not yet, because Jesus was not yet glorified. When would He be glorified? After He died on a cross, rose on the third day, ascended into heaven after 40 days, and took the place He left to come to the earth to do the Father’s will, to save us from the Father’s wrath and reconcile us to Him.

Verse 13-14 — Everyone who draws of Jacob’s well will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I will GIVE him shall never thirst — Oh, blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled (Matthew 5:6), and never thirst again!

And this water will become a well — the Greek-to-English is “fountain.” Do you see that the Spirit is the living water that comes in? Do you see that when we are filled, He flows from our bellies and gets everything wet? Do you see that the force of the living water sprays up into the air like a fountain in a town square? But it doesn’t simply recirculate like a regular fountain — its Source is endless and eternal — its Source is Christ!

Verse 15 — So, she doesn’t yet understand. She is thinking in the natural, though Jesus has spoken spiritual words. He has not condemned her, though He knows she is an adulteress. She says she wants this water so she is 1) no longer thirsty, and 2) doesn’t have to come all the way to draw.

Verses 16-18 — Jesus knows she has no husband. But He asks her to call him. She confesses. She has no husband. He tells her exactly how she is sinning. She has been married five times —  by The Law of Moses, she is an adulteress. And the man she is living with is not her husband. She is now a fornicator. He does not condemn her. He tells her that He knows.

Verse 19-20 — She believes He is a prophet, someone from God. So she asks Him where she should worship — on their mountain, or in Jerusalem like the Jews say.

Verses 21 — He disregards her legalistic question and tells her that now is the time for true worshipers to worship in spirit and truth — filled with God’s Spirit and God’s truth, and not simply going through the motions. Those are the ones the Father seeks. These are the ones filled with His living water!

Verse 25 — She says she knows the Messiah knows everything. He says I AM (haya/Yaweh, the name of God). He says, I AM the Messiah, God the Son, I AM that I AM. I AM God.

The effect of His living water —

The woman leaves her waterpot . . . goes into the city and tells them what happened and asks, “Is this the Christ?”

v. 39 From that city many Samaritans believe in Jesus because of the word of the woman . . .

Then in v. 42 they believe because of His words, not just her testimony.

Now, the disciples were unable to understand. They could not see the harvest of the people of the city coming to meet Jesus, nor of the woman who sparked their desire to come, with her testimony of Him. Their perspective was in “the natural,” food, water, customs, rules. They thought He should eat, but He told them they knew nothing of His food, which was to do the Father’s will and work.

So they followed Jesus, but did not see what He sees until Pentecost.

How about you? Do you see? Have you had a personal Pentecost?

Are you still seeing in the natural, or do you have His eyes?

Is your food to do the Father’s will and to do what He has called ALL believers to do?

Do you have His living water in you? Have you asked Him for it?

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