Session 9 – “Being the Church,” a Bible study of the Book of Acts

I am excited to offer you a video Bible study of the Book of Acts, and I invite you to watch the video of “Being the Church” on Youtube OR Vimeo . . . for Vimeo, see the link in the Blogroll in the right column on my blog screen. Just as with my sermons, I’ll post notes to accompany each Bible study video.

Session 9 — Acts 4:23-31

Verse 23 — Peter and John were released, and now they come back to their own (the Sanhedrin were NOT their own).

Verse 24 — They were all of one mind, even the mind of Christ (1Corinthians 2:16). Unity of nature in view (John 17:21-22). God’s actual love in them (John 17:26). So that the world would know the Father sent the Son and loved us as He loves Jesus. PROFOUND!

And they said. “Get us out of here!” Or,  “Let’s call down fire, like the Sons of Thunder (Luke 9:54, Mark 3:17).”


Verse 24 — They all speak Psalm 146:6, praising and glorifying God, who has made all things. That Psalm — about persecution, and God’s deliverance!

Verse 25-26  — They all speak Psalm 2, written by King David, who they identify as a prophet,

Verse 27 — And they plainly speak that Psalm 2 has been fulfilled in what Herod, Pontius Pilate, the Gentiles (Roman soldiers), and the peoples of Israel, did to Jesus Christ. David received that prophecy from God 1,000 years before Christ.

Verse 28 — And what they did to Him was according to God’s predestined purpose (Psalm 22, Revelation 13:8, and Isaiah 53:5 which was prophesied 700 years before Christ walked the earth). Again, David saw a vision of Christ’s crucifixion 1,000 years in advance, through the Holy Spirit who came upon him.

Verse 29 — And now, Lord . . .

And they said. “Get us out of here!” Or,  “Kill these guys! Let’s call down fire (Luke 9:54, Mark 3:17).”


— Take note of their threats

— Grant that your bond-servants (debt paid but serve out of love — Deut. 15:17), may speak your word with all BOLDNESS OF SPEECH!

— While You extend your hand to

— heal

— perform signs and wonders

— In the name of Your holy Son, Jesus

Verse 31 — After prayer

— a shaking

— all were filled with the Holy Spirit (again, a special moment of inspiration)

— they spoke the word of God with boldness

NO handwringing, NO hiding, NO silence, NO watering down the gospel!


Verse 32 — One heart, one soul (unity of nature, partakers of Christ’s nature (2Peter 1:4)

— No one “owned” their things, but they shared them. Common ownership in view.

Verse 33 — With great power (dunamis), the testimony of Jesus’ resurrection went forth

— Abundant charis — the divine influence on the heart and the reflection in the life.

Verses 34-35 — No one needy AMONG THEM

— Excess properties and land sold FROM TIME TO TIME, not constant

— Proceeds laid at the apostles’ feet for distribution as the need arose

Verse 36-37 — We are introduced to Joseph, called Barnabas (Son of Encouragement). Son of Nebas (nebas means prophecy).

— He owned a tract of land, sold it, laid proceeds at apostles’ feet


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