[SW380] 5/25/2019 message notes by 

Pastor Susan J. Wynn ©2019

“Miraculous Deliverance”

Text: Judges 6:6-8, 16, Judges 7

When does the Lord miraculously deliver? I will show you through His miraculous deliverance of Israel, in Judges 7. I will also speak from my own experience, for the Lord miraculously delivered me from progressive multiple sclerosis (MS), and much more importantly, from my sin nature. Lord, be glorified!

In Israel’s case, the people had disobeyed the Lord by worshiping the false gods of the land. So He greatly humbled His people. When they repented, He ensured that it would be impossible for them to conquer their enemies except by His hand, so that they could not boast that they delivered themselves. Then the Lord miraculously delivered them! 

It is the same for you, O church, O believer! Like Israel, many in the church worship the god of Self. They pridefully boast in man’s wisdom and the ways of the world system that defies God. They pridefully boast in their own power to control their inborn sin nature. 

They pridefully boast that by their own power, they are able to keep the church doors open, and boast in the megachurches they have built upon the foundation of worship of the god of Self, rather than on Jesus Christ, the true Builder of the church! So He will greatly humble them.

Judges 6

Verses 4-6 —

The Midianite and Amalekites were a vast army! When Israel had sown seed, the Midianites would come and camp like a swarm of locusts, and destroy Israel’s produce and take their animals. So, Israel was brought very low, and cried to the LORD. 

I tell you the truth, O church, O believer! You are currently spiritually fruitless and  unproductive because Satan has plundered you. The Lord has allowed Satan to sift you (Luke 22:31), so that you will be brought low and humbled.

How is Satan sifting you? His false prophets, like savage wolves, have come in among the flock, and have even risen from among you (Acts 20:29-30). They pander to the god of Self with words that please you, but do not please God. Their words displease Him because the words they speak lead you down the broad path to destruction (Matthew 7:13).

Satan and his children are much more powerful than you. The Lord has not yet miraculously delivered you, because you have not seen your condition and repented. You say you are rich and have become wealthy and are in need of nothing (Revelation 3:17).

Therefore, just as He did with Israel, and just as He did with me, He will bring you very low. Then, when you cry out to Him, it will be as with Israel, and with me. He will miraculously deliver you!

Verse 16 —

When Israel repented and cried out to the LORD, He promised them victory. Then, when Gideon sought confirmation, the LORD gave him a sign to show that He would do it (see 6:36-40). 

The Lord promises miraculous delivery over the god of Self and the sin nature to all in the church who know that they have been brought low. He promises miraculous delivery to those who turn from worshiping the god of Self, turn back to Him, and cry out to Him!

And from my own experience, I know it is true. I worshiped everything but the Lord. Yet I knew something was missing in my life. I sought Him briefly, then dismissed Him. But then I learned that He is much more than what I was taught in Sunday school! And in my humbled condition, I hungered and thirsted for Him. And just as He promises in Matthew 5:6, He miraculously delivered me, first from progressive MS, and then from the sin nature by filling me with Himself!

Judges 7

Verse 1 —

After the LORD gave Gideon the first miracle to testify that He would deliver Israel, Gideon and all the people who were with him rose early and camped by the spring of Harod. The vast camp of Midian was on the north side of them, in the valley.

Then the LORD said the most unlikely thing to Gideon and his small army — “You have too many people with you, for Me to give Midian into your hands. If I do it now, you will become boastful. You will glorify yourselves, saying, ‘My own power has delivered me.’” 

The LORD will deliver you when you realize that man’s wisdom and ways and power, and the world system that defies God, cannot deliver you. He will bring you low, so you look up!

Then the conditions will be right for Him to miraculously deliver you from your sin nature, the god of Self, and Satan’s grip, for Satan is the one who manipulates the sin nature in you! It is the most crucial healing of all, for those who are slaves to sin will not remain in His house forever (John 8:35)!

When will He miraculously deliver you? When you repent and cry out to Him. How will He miraculously deliver you from the sin nature? He will crucify it (Galatians 5:24), and fill you with His Holy Spirit. 

Then you will walk in His victory over Satan and his vast army. Like Paul, you will no longer boast in anything but the cross of Jesus Christ —

Galatians 6:14 But may it never be that I would boast, except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.

Verses 3-4 —

So the LORD directed Gideon to speak before his army, proclaiming that any who were afraid and trembling against the vast army of Midian should go home. Of the 32,000 Israelites in Gideon’s army, 22,000 went home. But 10,000 remained. 

Then the LORD said, “The people are still too many.” So He commanded Gideon to take them to the spring by the camp, and the LORD would test them there. After the LORD tested them, He would tell Gideon which ones to send home, and which would remain with Gideon.

How will the Lord test you, O believer? The Lord will not miraculously deliver you until you see that you are spiritually poverty-stricken (Matthew 5:3). Then you will mourn over your spiritual condition (Matthew 5:4), for you will know that you cannot deliver yourself. 

Those who see their poverty and mourn are the ones whom He will miraculously deliver! Blessed are you, when you come to that realization, for He will fill you with the Comforter, the Holy Spirit!

Verses 5-6 —

What was the LORD’s test? Whoever put his hand to his mouth and lapped water with his tongue, as a dog laps, was to be taken aside into one group.  Whoever kneeled to drink was to be taken aside in another group.

Those who lapped the water were 300. The other 9,700 kneeled to drink water. It was the LORD who would miraculously deliver them, so the manner of drinking water did not matter. But the way Gideon’s men drank was the LORD’s sign of who Gideon was to choose.

The Lord asks you today, O church, O believer, “Who has believed our message?” He promises that He will reveal His arm — his power — to those who believe the message! (See Isaiah 53:1.)

Verses 7-8 —

Then the LORD said to Gideon, I will deliver you with the 300 men who lapped, and will give the Midianites into your hands. So let the rest go, each one to his house.”

Now the conditions were right for the LORD to miraculously deliver them. It was absolutely impossible for 300 men to defeat the sea of Midianites who were below them, in the valley.

So, Gideon obeyed the LORD, and was left with just 300 men. There would be no boasting on the part of Israel. The LORD would deliver them, for they could not deliver themselves!

When the Lord miraculously delivers you, there will be no boasting on your part. You will know that He has done what is impossible for you to do, in your own power!

Verses 9-10 — 

The LORD commanded Gideon to arise and go down against the camp, for He said, “I have given it to you.” But He added that if Gideon was afraid, the LORD would give him another sign. He commanded Gideon and Purah his servant to go down to the camp. He wanted them to hear what the Midianites said.

The LORD would give the Midianites a revelation, by which the faith of Gideon and Purah would be strengthened!

The Lord gives you this word today, through me, so that every humbled believer who cries out to Him will be confident in His promise of miraculous deliverance over the sin nature and Satan.

Verses 11-14 — 

So Gideon took Purah by night, and went down near one of the outposts of the vast camp. Gideon overheard a Midianite relating a dream to his friend, and heard his friend’s interpretation of it — Israel would defeat Midian by the sword of Gideon! 

If you have repented and cried out to the Lord, He will show you in the Word of God, or even from this word today, that He will miraculously deliver you from the disease of sin with which you are plagued, just as He did me. And you will see that He will also miraculously deliver you from natural disease, just as He did with me!

Verses 15-18 —

So Gideon went back to Israel’s camp and related the dream and interpretation. He was sure they would be victorious! So, he commanded the 300 to arise, divided them by hundreds, and posted them around the edges of the Midianite camp, in groups of 100. Each was equipped with a torch hidden in a pitcher, and a trumpet. None had a sword. 

Though this scripture does not say it, I believe that the LORD instructed Gideon in the way he was to equip his army of 300. No weapons, just lights and trumpets! It is a sign to you and me, today. Keep listening!

When you repent and cry out to Him, He will see to it that you have no weapon with which to fight, and must rely on Him to deliver you. Then, when you are miraculously delivered, it will be clear to you and everyone around you that the LORD is your Deliverer!

Verses 19-20 — 

Gideon took his hundred to the outskirts of the camp at the middle watch (from midnight to 4 a.m.). The Midianites had just posted their guards for the watch. 

Suddenly, Gideon and his 100 men blew their trumpets, as did the other 200, and broke the pitchers, revealing the light of the torches, and cried, “The sword of the LORD and of Gideon!” They glorified God in advance of victory!

The Lord has promised to miraculously deliver you from Satan and the sin nature in you. So praise and glorify Him as you stay and wait in obedience to Jesus Christ’s command (Luke 24:49, Acts 1:4-5). 

O clay pot whom He has made, when He breaks you, in a moment of time, He will fill you with His Holy Spirit! Then His light will shine brightly from you!

Verses 21-23 —

Each of the 300 Israelites stood in his place around the camp. They did not fight, but simply stood and saw the salvation of their God (Exodus 14:3)!

The LORD confused the Midianite camp, and many of them slaughtered each other. Those who remained fled for their lives! But Gideon gathered other tribes of Israel with him, and they pursued and destroyed the Midianite army.

Why did the Midianites become confused and slaughter each other? Why did the remnant flee? Was it the sound of the trumpets, or the lights surrounding the camp? No! They saw the sword of the LORD! 

When you are filled with the light of His Holy Spirit, you will simply stand and watch the Lord defeat Satan! Satan’s children will see His light in you. They will cry out in alarm, become confused, attack each other, and flee! And Satan himself will flee, because you have submitted to God (James 4:6-7). 

The Lord’s miraculous deliverance from the disease of sin and of natural disease is the same today! Do you now see that, in order to receive it, you must humble yourself, see your spiritual poverty, and repent? I tell you the truth, if you do, it will be just as with Israel, and just as with me! He will do it!

Lord Jesus, you said that whatever I ask the Father, He will do, because I love You! Father, I ask that many will see the truth of the words You have given me, and will be miraculously delivered in every way! Amen!


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