[SW253] 10/21/2016 message notes by

Reverend Susan J. Wynn ©2016

“A Shouting Church!”

[These notes are brief. There is so much more in the video of this message! The links are to the right of this post, on my blog.]

If the church doesn’t have a shout, the rocks will cry out! So, what does the church shout about?

Texts: Luke 19:37-40, Psalm 126

At first, I asked the Lord, “Why would the church not have a shout? Would it be religious persecution, or persecution from the world?”

And the Holy Spirit showed me there is NO REASON for the church not to have a shout!

What does the church shout about, then?

There are two shouts of rejoicing for the church! What are they? Why do they make us shout for joy?

Text. Psalm 126 and others as noted

Captives shout when —

They repent and He visits them and brings them back/reconciles them/gives them His favor again.

Then a SHOUT goes OUT!

Let me personalize this. When you come to faith in Christ, your past sins are forgiven, and you are reconciled to God and have His favor in your life.

So in the first shout —

Reconciled/receiving His favor!

The world sees and says, “The Lord has done great things.”

They say, “Yes, and we are filled with rejoicing and glee!”

Luke 17:11 — The healed leper who returns with a shout of joy!

Luke 19:37 — Shouting because of the miracles you have seen!

But what happened to Judah? Though they were reconciled and had God’s favor again, and were back in the Promised Land after 70 years of captivity in Babylon, they found the land hard, and they were still under the rule of their enemies, the Medo-Persians.

Personalizing it — Though you have been reconciled and now in a position of having God’s favor, the land is hard. You find yourself still struggling with sin, like the wretched man in Romans 7 (see verse 24). You find that you are still a slave to sin, and the Enemy has a hold on you.

What then? Do just as Judah did!

Stay and pray (Psalm 126: 4, Luke 24:49). Restore me fully, Lord!

Fill me like You fill the wadis (dry stream beds) after the dry season!”  BUT remember, your own personal Pentecost means an unending fountain of living water (John 4:10, 14)!!!

And that is when you have the second shout!

The Lord answers your prayer and you become a filled stream-bed that never runs dry!

— Freedom from slavery to sin (John 8:31-36)

— Filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory (1Peter 1:8)

— HIS joy (John 15:11)

You went out weeping as you sowed, because you saw only a partial restoration. The land was hard. You struggled. The Enemy still had a hold on you.

BUT you returned rejoicing, because you asked to be filled like the wadis, and the Lord of the harvest filled you!  And now you are able to be used by Him for His harvest!

And when you are filled

— You won’t be able to stop speaking (even when on trial, Acts 4:20)

— You will shout from the rooftops what He whispers (Mt. 10:27)

Are you silent? Then you are still a captive.

— First be reconciled and restored to God’s favor, through Christ’s work on the cross. It must be more than a mental assent to the reality of Jesus. You must experience His presence!

— Then stay and pray to be filled like the wadis after the dry season AND never run dry again! There will be a shout from you, an irrepressible shout that cannot be restrained, one that continues on, forever and ever!

Stay and pray! Beloved, you cannot go out without a shout!


[SW252] 10/14/2016 message notes by

Reverend Susan J. Wynn ©2016

“Visit Us, Lord!”

[These notes are brief. There is so much more in the video of this message! The links are to the right of this post, on my blog.]

Texts: Zechariah 10:3 and forward, Isiah 35:5 and forward

The situation —

Judah had been exiled for 70 years in Babylon because they sinned by worshiping other gods that are not gods at all. Sin separates from God (Isaiah 59:1-2), both then and now, beloved.

But now, there was a remnant of the people of Judah, back in the Land. The Lord had visited them! Zechariah and Haggai prophesied encouraging words and warnings to the people as they rebuilt Jerusalem.

Sin causes separation from God. If the Lord must visit, that means you have been away from His presence. You are in exile because of your sin. BUT!!!

If you return to Him, He will return to you (Malachi 3:7). He will visit you!

What happens when He visits you (from Zechariah 10) —

—  Verse 3: He punishes those who told you that you could go on sinning after coming to Jesus. Church leaders and pastors who encourage you to worship a particular god, the god of yourself.

AND . . . He makes you like His majestic horse in battle. HIS horse! In those days, a horse was a powerful weapon in battle, able to set you above your enemy, and able to trample him down.

When you return to the Lord and He visits you personally (and I am praying for a wholesale visitation to His church), Jesus gives you authority (exousia, His power) to trample on serpents and scorpions and over ALL the power of Satan, the enemy of your soul, and NOTHING will harm you! But do not rejoice over that. Rather, rejoice that your name is recorded in heaven! (Luke 10:19-20.)

He will visit you!

Definition of “visit” —

— Muster, like an army being assembled. You become part of the Lord’s occupying army, and your charge is to go into the land and possess it.

But not like ISIS. You do not fight against flesh and blood, but against spiritual powers and principalities, against the present darkness, pulling down spiritual fortresses and everything that exalts itself against the power of God (see 2Corinthians 10:4-5, Ephesians 6:12).

— Care for, take care of, His eyes going to and fro across the earth to strongly support those who have returned to Him, those whose hearts are completely His (2Chronicles 16:9)

— Avenge what the Enemy of your soul has done. He will restore what the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25)!

— Appoint you as a member of His occupying army and assign to possess the land given over temporarily to Satan, when Adam sinned!

— Deliver you, save you, to keep you (see 1Peter 1:5, kept by the power of God), surrounding you with His fortress. A mighty fortress is our God!

And then you become —

— Verse 3: His majestic horse in battle. HIS horse! And in those days, a horse was a powerful weapon against an enemy, putting you above him to destroy him, trampling him down under your horse’s hooves.

— Verse 5: Mighty with His might, not yours. Treading down the enemy (Luke 10:19)! Fighting, because the Lord is with you. WITH you! You cannot fail when He is with you. He will give you His victory!

— Verse 6:  His strength that He will give you. His salvation, His deliverance. He will bring you back into His presence!

— Verse 7: You will be glad, your children will be glad, and you will rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory (1Peter 1:8)!

— Verse 8: He will redeem you, at great cost, even the very Son of God on a cross! You are bought with a price and are not your own, beloved (1Corithians 6:19)!

Beloved, all these things described what it is to be filled with His Holy Spirit and His love and His power! Ask, seek, knock (Luke 11:13). If you know Him as Father, ask your Father, and He will do it!

And then you will look outward, for you will be in a position to help others —

This is not about you being blessed and blessed as if God is a blessing machine, but about you going out to free the captives. I testify to you that THEN He will bless you!

Look at Isaiah 35:5-8, beloved:

The blind will see, the deaf will hear, the lame will leap and the mute will shout for joy! Why? You, a member of God’s occupying army, have come and announced the kingdom of God, and they have repented (turned away from their sin) and received it!

Waters will break forth in you, and will spread around the land. There is a river that makes glad the heart of God, and it is YOU, when rivers of living water flow from your belly into the thirsty desert around you (John 7:37-39)!

Beloved, if you are thirsty as you listen to me, may you return to Him, for He will return to you and you will be filled with His living water! With joy you will drink from THE fountain of salvation (Yeshua in the Hebrew, which is Jesus’ name in Hebrew)! (See Isaiah 12:3.)

And you will be able to walk in holiness, on the Highway of Holiness. It is not the Highway TO Holiness, but the Highway OF Holiness. You do not travel and eventually reach holiness by being on a road TO it. No, no!

But you are, in a moment of time, made holy, pure in heart. Then you are able to walk on this Highway, the Lord having filled you with His holiness! Nothing and no one unclean (that is, sinful), and no fool (moral reprobate) will walk there. It will be a place of safety for you.

A warning —

From Luke 19:44, know that this very day is the day of your visitation. If you do not recognize it, if you do not know it by receiving this truth and experiencing what I have explained, you will face what the Jewish leaders faced, who rejected God the Son’s visitation.

But if you return to Him, He will return to you! Cry out to Him even now, and He will answer you!  Amen.


[SW251] 10/07/2016 message notes by

Reverend Susan J. Wynn ©2016

“What the World Needs Now”

[These notes are brief. Please view the video of this message. The links are to the right of this post, on my blog.]

Texts: John 17:23, 26, 1Corinthians 13, and others, as noted

What does the world need now? Love, but not human love. They need God’s actual love, filling their hearts! But first, it must be done in the hearts of Christians.

It’s what Jesus prayed to the Father, in John 17. Fill them with the same love You have for Me, Father (John 17:26). The world will know that You sent Me when they are filled with the Holy Spirit (the “glory” that He speaks of in John 17:23)!

The world will know! They will know the gospel is true when we are filled with God’s Holy Spirit and His actual love! They will take note that we have been with Jesus (Acts 4:13). They will know He really IS when they really see Him in us!

They will know we are Christians by OUR human love? No, by HIS love which has filled our hearts!

This love was so different from anything the disciples of Jesus had ever felt, that when they were filled with His love, they knew none of the usual words for love could describe it. It was the same love the Father has for the Son — never had they been filled with such love! But there was an old, unused word for it. They took it off the Greek vocabulary shelf, dusted it off, and exclaimed, “Ah! This agape (pronounced ah-GAH-pay) is a great word to describe this love we have never experienced before!!!”

So what does this love look like? First, Jesus — His arms spread on the cross, crucified, taking our sin on Himself, rising again on the third day, ascending, and pouring out the Holy Spirit, who fills us with God’s actual love, so that we are able to be the church! Our flesh, our sinful nature, must be crucified, and then we must be filled with God’s actual love. AND THEN . . . the world will know that the Father sent the Son! They will REALLY see Him in us!

I tell you, no amount of good works, sacrifice, or even using the gifts of the Spirit are worth anything unless you HAVE (are) His actual love (1Corinthians 13:1-3)! You ARE His love when His actual love fills you, when His Holy Spirit fills you. It is a little-known truth! Few believe it, few teach it, and the church suffers because of their lack of knowledge of this truth, beloved. And the name (reputation) of Jesus suffers.

What does it look like, when God’s actual love has filled a human heart? Look at 1Corinthians 13:4-7. We endure persecution and hardship patiently. We have the kindness of God in our hearts — “kindness” means “His goodness!” We do not envy. We do not brag about what WE have done, but we boast in Christ alone. We are not arrogant, we do not bully. We do not behave indecently. We are not self-centered. We do not seek our own (demand our rights).  We are not provoked, we cannot be offended — truly! We do not keep track of what wrongs people have done to us. We do not hold grudges (to do so would be sin, and the Father will not forgive us if we do not forgive others). We freely and immediately forgive, completely and entirely. We do not rejoice in unrighteousness by participating in it or encouraging it. We rejoice in the truth of God’s Word, the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and in that truth, we rejoice constantly.

But the world sees something else, when they look at the church. They see Galatians 5:19-21. I expound on that passage in my video message.

And they see the church doing things like this:

— Using Romans 7 (the wretched man) as an excuse to keep sinning. But beloved, Galatians 5:24 says the flesh (sinful nature) with which some say they must always struggle — that flesh that has passions and desires — is crucified. That means dead! It isn’t going to come back to life! The only one who came back to life after being crucified was Jesus, and that was to make the way for you to have your flesh crucified, dear Christian! What good news!

— Watering down God’s Word, taking out the “hard” parts. in his book Erasing Hell, Francis Chan, a famous Californian pastor with a big church, confessed that he had watered down God’s Word.

— Doing nice things that anyone can do. They do not show the kindness (goodness) of God, which would be to speak of what Jesus Christ has done. Instead, these nice things are acts of human love and human kindness. What things? Bake sales, Easter egg hunts, trunk or treat, bounce houses, pony rides. These are nice things that neither show others that we have been with Jesus nor drive them to the cross!

— Church members and board members fearing growth and change rather than celebrating it. These folks may even go so far as to:

— “Starve out” or “blackball” pastors (that is, stop paying them or tell every other church that these men or women are bad pastors)

— Demand that a soft gospel be preached, one with no rebuke or reproof.

I have seen these things firsthand, beloved! When they happen, I know that those who do them are not filled with God’s actual love. They display the fruit of the flesh. Such will be judged. The love of Christ compels me to say this to you (2Corinthians 4:10).

Paul prays for the church (not unbelievers, beloved) at Ephesus (Ephesians 3:18-19), that they may be able to comprehend and know by experience the breadth, length, height and depth of the love of Christ, of God’s actual love, that they may be filled with God, with His Holy Spirit, with His actual love. He prays for them to experience His love filling their hearts. What a vast difference it makes!

When I have spoken to you of exploring and not yet finding the boundaries of that love, I do not mean that I must keep receiving more of His love. He filled me with it, and it does not leak out! But as I go, God puts trials in my path, and I see His love manifested through me. No matter how hard the trial, His love simply flows. Hallelujah!

So repent, if you see yourself in “what God’s actual love DOESN’T look like!” Ask the Lord to fill you with His Holy Spirit, and you will be filled with God’s actual love, and the world will see it, and they will know the Father sent the Son, the gospel is true, and that you have been with Jesus.

You will become an authentic Christian, and that will cause many to want to come to Jesus Christ for salvation AND to be filled with His love. That is your purpose. That is God’s plan for your life — to have His life, His Spirit, His love fill you!

What a world that would be, if the whole world would come to Jesus and be filled with that love! That’s what the world needs NOW. Amen!

The Keys OF the Kingdom

[SW250] 09/30/2016 message notes by

Reverend Susan J. Wynn ©2016

“The Keys OF the Kingdom”

[These notes are brief. Please view the video of this message. The links are to the right of this post, on my blog.]

Text: Matthew 16:19 and others, as noted

What are the keys OF the kingdom? I will show you by way of the vision He gave me, and the Word of God!

Here it is. You know how janitors used to keep large key rings on their belts, with keys to every room they had the authority to unlock? Well, the Lord showed me my own belt, with a large key ring on it, and keys. He said the keys were scriptures, and I could insert a scripture into a heart, and that scripture would unlock that heart. I was excited, and began delving ever further into the Word of God, to put as many scripture keys on my ring as I possibly could. Then I tried putting them in hearts, but they didn’t always work. The Lord said, “You know, it will be easier if you let Me show you which one is for which heart!” And from then on, I waited for Him to give me the scripture, and hearts were unlocked, and still are! It is His power, His Word, His authority, and He receives all praise and glory for it! Hallelujah!

So we are not saying that these are the keys TO the kingdom of heaven. That would mean that people could come to Jesus only through us! But they are the keys OF the kingdom of heaven, and they are the Word of God, and the authority of God! Jesus used scripture to defeat Satan in the wilderness, in Matthew 4:1ff. It is the same for us.

BUT . . . we must have purified hearts. Jesus said, “I will give you,” and not, “You now have.” When would Peter and the rest of us receive the keys? When Pentecost came, and when you have your own personal Pentecost and are filled with the Holy Spirit. Then no spirit can come in, because your heart is entirely God’s territory, His possession. You have heaven in your heart, and Satan has no power whatsoever in heaven!

So then, you are able to bind the strongman and free the one that HE owned and therefore possessed (see Matthew 12:29 and surrounding scripture). Jesus was accused of using Satan’s power to cast out Satan. But why would Satan want to cast Himself out? So it was by the Holy Spirit that the demon was cast out of that man who was blind and mute, and he could see and speak!

Here on earth, Satan is still the prince of the power of the air (Ephesians 2:2). But here on earth, we are an occupying army, armed with the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God (Ephesians 6:17).

Satan is still prowling around like a roaring lion, seeking whom He may devour (see 1Peter 5:8). But when we are filled with the Holy Spirit, Satan is still able to tempt, but we have submitted fully to God, and therefore we are able to resist the devil, and he must flee (James 4:7). It is a rule. Satan has no choice. But if you are not yet fully submitted to God . . . he can gain a foothold.

It is as James writes to the church . . . your own lusts will propel you into sin, and that leads to death. Satan will dangle something before you in order to tempt and entice you, and your own lusts will cause you to snap it up. The last thing he wants is for you to know that there is a way to defeat him, by being filled with the Holy Spirit!

Let’s go on. When we have these keys OF heaven, we will be able to bind what has already been bound in heaven. To bind is to tie up, to put in chains. Jesus bound the strongman, the demon in that man. Who is bound in heaven? Satan, because he and 1/3 of the angels were cast down. He never had greater power than God, and he still does not have greater power! So he can’t tempt anyone there. He can’t possess anyone there. He is bound. So when we bind, we are coming into line with what is already the case in heaven.

When we have these keys OF heaven, we will be able to loose what has already been loosed in heaven. To loose is to release, untie, break (chains)! What is loosed in heaven? Everything but Satan and his demons! So when we loose, we are coming into line with what is already the case in heaven. We loose into the glorious liberty of the children of God!

And beyond demons and the power of Satan, what are we bound by? The sinful nature we are born with, as a result of Adam’s sin. Does that have to be the case, here on earth? No more than demonic possession has to be the case. We are slaves to sin, but Jesus came to make us free, indeed (John 8:31-36)! He came to loose us from that sinful nature! And so when we come into line with what is already the case in heaven, we loose people from the sinful nature that causes the lust that makes us succumb to Satan’s temptations and demonic possession.

This is true spiritual warfare — not just freeing people from demons. If we do only that, the house is swept and in order. Then that demon and seven others will come in, and the last state of the person will be worse than the first (Matthew 12:44)! No, we must fill that empty house! The Holy Spirit’s filling leaves no room for Satan or demons or sin!

So now, where are you? Are you still struggling with sin? Then ask the Lord right now to fill you with the Holy Spirit! Your heart will be purified, you will have power over sin and no longer be a slave to it, and Satan will not be able to enter your heart.

THEN the Lord will equip you with a scripture key ring, or whatever you need in order to do the ministry He calls you to do. I will tell you, Jesus says that all who are saved have freely received and He commands them to freely give (Matthew 10:8). Ask Him to work this in your heart, so you are able to freely give this freedom to others. Believe, and then He will show you that it is true! Amen.


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Reverend Susan J. Wynn ©2016

“Turning Things Around”

[These notes are brief. Please view the video of this message. The links are to the right of this post, on my blog.]

Texts: 2Chronicles 7:14, Isaiah 29:13-16

The Lord seeks a turn-around — but for whom? And why? He disciplines the ones He loves, beloved (Hebrews 12:6, Revelation 3:19).

The Lord says He sends locusts upon His sinning people. He shuts up the heavens so there is no rain. He sends pestilence (disease) among His people. But if His people TURN . . .

He says, if MY people, not the world that is in such chaos. If you, beloved, will humble yourself and pray and seek His face and . . . TURN from your wicked ways.

And true to His Word, He will hear you and forgive you and heal your land.

He will restore what the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25). He will bring rain, streams on your dry ground (Isaiah 44:3), He will pardon your sin and heal all your diseases (Psalm 103:3)!!

If you TURN away from your penchant for turning things around, He will do it!


In this day, with all that is going on in America, I want this land to be healed. But just as Israel must turn from rejecting her Messiah, Jesus Christ, the church also must turn!

Jesus says, and also I hear from your mouths:

— Give ME what I want! (But what does the Lord want? And what have you given Him?)

— Fix MY life the way I think MY life should be! (But how does HE want it to be?)

— You HAVE TO heal ME because Your Word says so! You HAVE to make ME rich because Your Word says so! You HAVE to make me happy because Your Word says so! (But are you humble and contrite? That is the kind of heart that He will not despise.)

Jesus says you do these things while you yet sin (willfully disobey Him). And you turn Him into your servant, with a small “s.” But who is the Master? Is it not Him (Matthew 25:21ff)?

You may say that the Old Testament called Him a Servant. But he served you once for all by taking upon Himself the punishment you deserved for your sin (Isaiah 53:5). Now you are HIS servant. You have been bought with a price and are not your own (1Corinthians 5:20)!

You may say, “Oh, there is no sin in the church.” But pastors.com reports that in a survey of 500 men at a retreat, 90% have viewed p-rnography. And Christianity Today reports that 37% of Christians struggle with p-rnography on a daily basis. Then there are the church’s power plays, politics, and fights. And there are the many things you do in the dark, thinking God cannot see.

In Isaiah 29:13-16, the Lord says, like Israel, the church turns things around.  You pay Me lip service and your hearts are far from Me. You do deeds in a dark place and say, “He will not see me.”

In doing so, you say that the Lord didn’t really make you — so He can’t discern and understand. He is not smart enough to figure out what you are doing.

Therefore, it is time to TURN. Come humbly before the Lord, and ask Him to forgive you. And He WILL heal this land.

One person said, with recent events, that even if everyone was filled with the Holy Spirit, it wouldn’t be enough to change things in this country. That person does not fully understand that when God comes in, the things that are not of Him go out!

You have HIS fruit inside of you. You have HIS holiness inside of you. You have HIS righteousness inside of you. I tell you, you have HIS love inside you!

Do you think you will commit crimes? Do you think you will remain trigger-happy? Do you think you will remain a racist? NO!!!! You will become a witness of Jesus. We get our word “martyr” from the Greek word for “witness” that is used by Jesus Christ in Acts 1:8. You will walk as HE walked in the world (1John 2:6 and 4:17)!

How will that happen? When you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you die so He can live in you (Galatians 2:20). You crucify the flesh with its lusts and desires (Galatians 5:24). I tell you, today is a good day for you to die to your self-centeredness, to the ME gospel, and come to the Christ who will set you FREE from the ME, because that is HIS gospel. Hallelujah!

But we do not believe He will do it. Do you believe He saved you? Then how can you not believe that He can purify your heart, clean you up on the inside? I tell you, He wants to do some house-cleaning in His church!

Believe! If He hadn’t done it in me, I could not even speak this word today. I can’t preach what I haven’t personally experienced. But He did, and I am His witness! I wanted ME out and HIM in! I humbly asked Him to do it, and He did!


[SW248] 09/16/2016 message notes by

Reverend/Evangelist Susan J. Wynn ©2016

“Healer of Hearts”

[These notes are brief. Please view the video of this message. The links are to the right of this post, on my blog.]

Texts: Isaiah 61, Psalm 51

You are a member of the Wounded Hearts Club, just like I was. Jesus Christ, the Healer of Hearts says, “Come humbly to Me, and I will heal Your heart!”

Isaiah 61:1 The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me,

Because the Lord has anointed me

To bring good news to the afflicted;

He has sent me to bind up (heal) the brokenhearted (hearts in pieces),

To proclaim liberty (the Year of the Lord’s favor for YOU) to captives

And freedom (rapid movement, spontaneous outflow) to prisoners (of their        . brokenness;

2  To proclaim the favorable year of the Lord

And the day of vengeance of our God;

To comfort all who mourn,

3  To grant those who mourn in Zion,

Giving them a garland instead of ashes,

The oil of gladness instead of mourning,

The mantle of praise instead of a spirit of fainting.

So they will be called oaks of righteousness,

The planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.

The Lord has brought many before my eyes lately, who have shattered hearts. He has come to bind up (heal) the broken-hearted, those whose hearts are shattered beyond any kind of repair that humans could ever perform. I am here to tell you that it is true, because He did it in me! I come to proclaim that what He says is true, so you may be healed and then declare the same thing!

My situation in 1976:



Broken in every way (shattered heart and mind)



My identity:

Member of the Wounded Hearts Club.

I had no other identity. I knew nothing but my woundedness. I did not know how to live any other way but as a wounded person.

I had:

Left my drug life and my drug-dealer first husband.

Come home to my parents.

But now what? I was no longer T.A.’s chick. I was separated from everything that had caused my wounds. I was afraid!

One night:

I cried out in the night, as I was lying in bed, “I don’t have the strength for this!”

And suddenly, in my heart, I heard as if it was an audible voice, “You have MY strength!” I knew it was God! Then I went to sleep.

The next day:

My mind was clear of the drug fog

I was no longer confused

I was no longer afraid

I had no desire for drugs

The personality I had before Tim and drugs was restored in me

Because the Lord removed the 2-1/2 years of scar tissue that was around my heart,

caused by emotional and physical abuse that my drug abuse dulled

I knew it was all right to divorce Tim.

And so:

I began to plan my life. I went back to college in the fall, met Jeff, fell in love. But my heart was not fully healed. I didn’t really understand that it was not healed, or that it needed healing. All I knew was that I did not trust Jeff, though he was always good and kind and loving to me.

Why didn’t Jesus fully heal my heart? It was because I went on with my life and ignored Him after that middle-of-the-night encounter. Had I stayed, He would have completed His work!

So Jeff finally said to me, “I am not Tim.” It was like a dagger in my chest. I could see what he was saying! We could not go on together unless I began trusting him and stopped expecting him to abuse me as Tim did. So I did an “attitude adjustment,” and in the natural, I began to trust Jeff more. So we married.

Eighteen years later, I was stricken with MS. I went back to church and both Jeff and I were saved and believed in Jesus Christ. We even became church board members. A few years after that, my newly appointed pastor, Rev. David “Doc” Uber, spoke from the pulpit that he had a vision and in it, I was healed!

Then he gave every member of the church board Tommy Tenney’s The God Chasers. The Lord put such a hunger in my heart to know Him that way! I cried out in prayer to Him.

I tell you He is good, He is merciful, and He brought me near!

Here’s how:

Before Pastor Doc would begin working with me to show me that Jesus still heals, he said I had to do two things. He gave them to me one at a time:

First, I had to ask the Lord if I was right with Him. I was offended but did not say so. But I thought, “What? I am saved, I am a church board member, of course I must be right with God.” But I couldn’t argue with the Holy Spirit. I felt compelled to obey Pastor Doc. So I asked that night, in a short prayer to the Lord. And I did not get an answer. I told Pastor Doc the next morning.

Now Pastor Doc gave me the second thing I must do before we could begin. “Do you have any unforgiveness (holding a grudge against someone) in your heart?”

Immediately, the Holy Spirit brought Tim to mind, and I blurted out, “My first husband.” So I went to the Lord that night. I just wanted to know Him, and I knew my unforgiveness was sin and stood in the way of knowing the Lord —

Matthew 6:14-15 Jesus says, “For if you forgive others for their transgressions, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. “But if you do not forgive others, then your Father will not forgive your transgressions.”

I knew I could not forgive without His help. So I asked Him to take my unforgiveness from me. I was broken, I was humble before Him, I was contrite before Him, knowing it was nothing I could do. I trusted Him that He would do it, and He did, as I prayed and asked, in that very moment. I felt it lift from my shoulders, as if the Lord had taken a burden from me (Matthew 11:28-30)!

Broken and contrite. This heart He will not despise. This heart He will recognize. This heart’s cry, He will hear.

It is just as it was with King David, who had sinned against the Lord with Bathsheba and arranged for her husband to be murdered. When God’s prophet spoke it to him, he repented. He said in Psalm 51:10, “Create for me a clean (pure) heart, O God, and renew an upright spirit in me . . .” Because he knew his brokenness was caused by his sin.

I knew my brokenness was caused by my sin. At the rehearsal, the night before I married Tim, I had run from the church into the graveyard, crying, “This is not right! This is not right!” The Lord was trying to speak to me, but everyone said it was just the wedding jitters, and I did not obey God’s warning. I married Tim.

Not long after I confessed and asked the Lord to take my sin, I was healed of MS, (it has now been fifteen years!). But I didn’t run off, as I had when He said, “You have my strength.”

I stayed and waited and prayed to be filled with His Holy Spirit. On November 1, 2001, at 2 p.m., I was filled and the Lord COMPLETED the healing of my wounded heart. Now, not only had I forgiven Tim, but I freely forgive and love people with God’s actual love that has filled my heart (Romans 5:5)! Freely it has been given to me, freely I give (Matthew 10:8)!

It was scary to give up my identity as a member of the Wounded Hearts Club. It is scary for you now. You know only how to be a wounded person. It was the same with me. You do not trust. It was the same with me. You relive your wounds, over and over. It was the same with me.

But if you come to Him today, with a humble and contrite heart, He will hear your cry. He is gentle. A smoldering wick He will not extinguish, and a bruised reed He will not break. He is gentle.

Come! He will restore your personality and give you a whole new identity as a child of God! But don’t run off like I did!

Stay! He will heal your heart fully if you continue with Him and WAIT for the whole healing to be done, when He fills you with His Spirit! Stay, and He will complete the work, the healing that only He can do! Amen!


[SW247] 09/08/2016 message notes by

Reverend/Evangelist Susan J. Wynn ©2016

“Meeting With God”

[These notes are brief, but there is much more detail in the video of this message. I encourage you to go and watch. The links are to the right of this post, on my blog.]

This is a “before and after” story — what it was like to meet with God BEFORE Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to fill us, and what it is like AFTER you are filled!

In Exodus 3:1ff, Moses met with God when he went to Mt. Horeb and discovered the bush that burned but was not consumed. God spoke to him, “Moses, Moses,” and told Moses what his assignment would be, to free Israel of slavery to Egypt and bring them to the Promised Land. The Lord directed Moses to remove his sandals, because he was standing on holy ground. Wherever the Lord was, that place was made holy by His very presence.

In Exodus 19 and 20, Moses met with God on Mt. Sinai, and then the Lord spoke the Ten Commandments to the people.

In Exodus 24:12, Moses met with God on Mt. Sinai to receive the law on tablets of stone. His face shone when he came down, because he had been in the presence of the Lord’s glory (the manifested presence of God, which is glorious, indeed!). The people were afraid, and so Moses veiled his face until the shine faded.

In Exodus 24:29-30, Moses met with God in the Tent of Meeting that the Lord directed him to make. It was away from the camp where Israel waited for the pillar of cloud and pillar of fire to move. Why was it away? The people sinned against God, so He was not in their midst. The Lord came down to the Tent of Meeting, Moses would go and meet with Him, and again, his face would shine and he would veil it when he came out of the Tent.

The Lord wants you to see that in the Old Testament, and even in the New Testament, BEFORE Pentecost, the only way to meet with God was to be called by Him to go to a place of meeting, be it mountain or tent.

In Matthew 17, Jesus (God the Son) leads Peter, James and John up the Mountain of Transfiguration, as we call it. And they saw Jesus shine, they saw Him as He truly is, they heard the voice of God the Father from the cloud, and they saw Moses and Elijah speaking with Him. Then they went down into the demon-possessed valley, and thanks be to God, Jesus was with them, and drove out the demon in the young man, the one that the disciples could not drive out.

But now we come to the AFTER! True to His word, true to His promises, Jesus died, rose, ascended and was glorified, and poured out His Spirit at Pentecost, in Acts 2! He commanded the disciples to stay in the city until they were clothed with power from on high. You see, they could not be the church until their hearts were filled with the Holy Spirit, and until God the Father and God the Son dwelled in them, just as He promised in John 14:23!

AFTER, they were led by the Holy Spirit in all that they did, and they testified that the Lord purified their hearts, making them His alone (Acts 15:9)! Then they became His church!

They had to experience the AFTER, as does every individual Christian. Beloved, you cannot BE the church unless you are filled with the Holy Spirit, with the very love of God, and with power over sin so you are no longer a slave to it!

What are the AFTER effects?

— Rather than you having to go somewhere to meet with God, the Lord comes in and meets with you and indwells you!

— You have a 24/7 conversation, fellowship with the Father and the Son (1John 1:1ff)!

— The Law is written in your heart, on the tablet of your heart, whereas BEFORE, it was written on tablets of stone (2Corinthians 3:3)! That makes it easy to do!

— YOUR earthly tent becomes the Tent of Meeting (see 2Corinthians 5:11)!

— The mountain where you meet with God is in YOU!

And 2 Corinthians 3:10-11, and 17-18 are your experience and testimony:

— The glory (manifestation of God) shining from you surpasses the shine of Moses’ face, because, beloved, it does not fade!

— You have liberty from slavery to sin!

— Your face is unveiled, always shining! It is the Holy Spirit, who has come in to you and the Lord now possesses your heart!

— And you go from image to image and glory to glory, by the Holy Spirit. You are happy to continually be transformed into greater and greater Christlikeness, because you have seen the effects as He has taken you on and on, and you delight to do His will and delight in the results!

Beloved, do you love Jesus Christ? Then obey His command. You cannot be the church. You cannot meet with Him as He commands until you go from the BEFORE to the AFTER! It is the only means by which you can become His witness here (Acts 1:8).

Many speak of Jesus but do not live as He lived on this earth. I was one of them. But when He came in on November 1, 2001, at 2 p.m., and fully possessed my heart, I was changed in an instant! It was not a ho-hum experience, but to have God come in is truly spectacular!

I knew I could not be a witness for Him if I wasn’t filled with Him, so for two months after He healed me, I cried out to Him to be filled. And true to His promise, my neighbor called me one afternoon. She had been in devotions and the Lord said, “Call Sue and ask her if she wants to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.” She did, and I jumped up and went over to her house. The Lord filled me marvelously. It was so strange at first, to feel Him inside me, in my innermost being, that I cried out for joy, and I still do, even 15 years later! And I love how He continues to transform me into His image! Praise the Lord!

So, right now, you are watching and you know the Lord has not made you His meeting place. You are in the BEFORE, but if you ask Him right now, He will take you into the AFTER. This is not optional, but a command from Him. And I pray by what I have spoken and written that you will see this truth and cry out to Him! Then you will be His church, His witness, set free from sin and full of Him!