About Sue

I was very far from God and Christ, and very much in need of His grace. He bent down and touched my body, my soul, my spirit, and changed my life. He’ll do it for anyone who seeks Him. You don’t have to be perfect; just receive His perfect love.

15 thoughts on “About Sue

  1. Dear Sue, I was led to see your video about how the Lord healed you of MS. I too have been struggling with MS for the past 25 years and watching your testimony really strengthened me and gave me new hope. I received the Lord as my saviour 25 years ago and was diagnosed several mmonths afterwards with MS. reading and dwelling on his word is my only strength, hope and refuge. Would you be winning to pray with me and help me in my struggle. If yes I am giving you my email address. ckienberger3@gmil.com, plse contact me. I live in Germany and would be delighted to here from you.. Yoirs sincerely Carmen K.

  2. Hello Sue. My name is Jennifer. Your testimony has blessed me greatly! I am believing for Gods healing over me. I have been struggling with health problems for 6 months that cause me to feel miserable. The doctors cannot find anything and it is so frustrating. I feel as if God is being silent in this season. My husband and I just found out we are expecting a baby and I am very happy. Although I am concerned about how I am going to raise my baby with the way I feel. I need a healing from Jesus. I was wondering if you could help me walk through this and pray with me. I need someone who really knows and love God because I have absolutely no one who seems to care enough to help. Thank you and God bless you. My email is weedjen2@live.com.

    1. Shaneah McCauley

      Please pray for me… Diagnosed with Parkinsons at 52. I heard your testimony on CBN and it encouraged me immensely. Thank you!

  3. Dick Watson

    I read the article in the news Virginian and your book. My daughter-in-law has ms. She would say she is Christian but is very worldly . If possible I would like to meet with you. Please pray for Christine,

  4. Sue, I was recently diagnosed with MS. I am believing that God will heal my body and give me the desires of my heart; a child, passing the Kentucky Bar, leading an abundant life serving him. Your story is so uplifting. Would you care to pray with me?

  5. Mary Walker

    Dear Rev. Sue, I emailed you a couple of years ago. At the time, I was in a sinful relationship. I gave my life back to God. Could you please email me? My email is . . . Just wanted to ask you a question please. God bless & hugs

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